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Monday, June 13, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Over the last couple of nights I put together a few blocks for my Red Star Quilt. 
 I made these little red flower stitcheries about 8 years ago, so I decided it was about time to put them in a quilt. 
 I found the red fabric in my stash and the backing is going to be a tablecloth 
I made about 5 years ago

Makes me feel like I'm getting a quilt for free.

 I also finished stitching Block 3 of Lynette Anderson's Christmas fun.
 And another block of My Garden, also by Lynette.  I've just realised I forgot to sew on the bird button which is why there is a beak and two legs just sitting by themselves.

On Friday the postie brought me two parcels.  One contained a lovely block from Mary as part of  Quilting Block Swaps Australia and one was a great magazine I won in a giveaway at fabulous Erin's blog, One Piece at a Time. The little bird houses are just there for decoration and because I think they are cute.
On the subject of giveaways there is a great one, an Accuquilt Go Baby, over at sweet Samelia's Mum's blog.
I'm linking into Show and Tell Monday over at Cookies and Cream Craft.  Why not join me.

Hope you have a great day.


  1. Mel i love your red and white blocks how good will it be to finish this,lol at the legs and beak i hadnt noticed till you said lol,well done Mel

  2. I'm so glad those beautiful red stitcheries are being made up... and I love the BOM's you are doing.... and such lovely stitchery work... Good luck on the Go Cutter...

  3. That will be a beautiful quilt...love all those cute flower stitcheries...lovely!

  4. Hello Melody,

    Red and white alwlays looks so smart in quilting. Glad to see things are coming out of the cupboard,I know free quilts are fun.
    Happy days.

  5. Those red and white blocks are just gorgeous, what lovely stitcheries! All your stitcheries are gorgeous. Congrats on your block and magazine!

  6. love the red and white blocks. The stitcheries are very sweet.
    the lynette anderson stitcheries are so sweet too.

  7. Great idea to use the stitcheries inside the stars. They look great!And of course I love the red and white.

  8. Wow Melody, You've been so busy with all that stitching. Great stars and stitching.

  9. Your stitchery stars are so gorgeous!! They'll look wonderful as a quilt. Your photo's are such fun with the little props like the vintage ric rac and cotton reels.

  10. I love the stitchery in the stars as well. Your hand work is lovely my dear. Have you checked out my blog to see your pincushion?? Have a great "stitch" day. Blessings> Dianne

  11. Your stitching is beautiful , love the idea of the red star quilt , it will be gorgeous . Your other stitcheries are lovely as well . hugs Sheila

  12. Oh, your red blocks are lovely and so are your other little blocks. So sweet.
    Congrats on your prizes. Always fun to win.

  13. Love the red and white quilt - one of the things I'd love to do as well as a blue and white quilt and a black and white quilt. We can dream, can't we?

    I'm currently working on the Lynette Anderson My Garden - it is lots of fun. I'm on my second block. Maybe I'll get some more done in the school holidays. It's a sitting outside and watching the world go by stitchery!!


  14. Somebunny's been busy! Beautiful! :)
    xx, shell

  15. You are amazing! Look at your wonderful work. Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing, Melody.

  16. You ARE amazing, your red star quilt is looking so beautiful as do all your other stitcheries!

  17. You have been busy, love the red star stitcheries!

  18. I love your stars and your stitching on them, but I have to ask about your scissors. What kind are they? Are they new? Still available? I have the hardest time finding scissors that are comfortable. I have arthritis so yours look like they would not hurt my hands.



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