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Monday, May 2, 2011

Pin Cushion Update

Dianne's pin cushion arrived with the postie today all the way from Laura's place in the USA.  It is so beautiful and delicate - I just love it.  Lovely Laura popped in some pressies too.  Roslyn's beautiful work is also here. This has been a wonderful Pin Cushion Sew A Bit - I've loved being part of it.  Thanks Fiona.

It's fun to show your work and tell about it.  Pop over to visit Sandy at Cookies and Cream Craft for more Monday's Show and Tell.


  1. So glad to see it has arrived safely...lovely goodies with it too ... another project for your list??? Have fun...

  2. It looks great !!

    Hugs - Fee XX

  3. It is lovely, is it your turn to add something to it now?

  4. it looks great, what will you add?
    I just received a base in the mail today too. Will take some thinking to work out what to add.

  5. These have all been so pretty Melody, almost too good to stick pins in! Tracee xx

  6. Oh Dianne is going to love this ,it is very pretty and I know you will add something spectacular to make it gorgeous!

  7. That is beautiful. But how would you stick pins into anything that lovely?

  8. Thanks for sharing, Mel. Aren't swaps fun! *grin*



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