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Friday, May 27, 2011

Lucky me... and Floral Friday.

Yesterday the postie brought me a parcel from El Paso in the USA.

Such a romantic place name, conjuring up images of old westerns watched in my childhood. Inside the parcel were two really beautiful hexie flowers and a lovely keepsake photo.  They came from Irene as part of the Inchy Hexie Flower Swap and I love them.  Thank you so much Irene.

Floral Friday...
Every year I buy a few bloomers pots containing polyanthas.  Their cheerful little faces always add a dash of colour to the garden and I delight in their gorgeous blooms which go on for months.
Lovely Bronwyn over at Korumburra Quilting hosts Floral Fridays and I always enjoy seeing what other gardeners have to share... and craftspeople too.
 Another brilliant flower garden from the Tea Cosy Exhibition.  Pansies have always been one of my very favourite flowers.


  1. Beautiful blooms Melody the colours are gorgeous. I can't believe how beautiful these 'coverlets' are. Pansies are among my favourites too (even named a bear after them)

  2. they are really pretty hexie flowers, and from someone who shares your love of fussy cutting.
    All those pansies are just amazing.

  3. Two beautiful flowers from Irene and I LOVE the pansy piece. Fabulous!!!

  4. Lovely flowers from Irene! And lovely flowers in your pots - and lovely flowers on the wall - I need more flowers in my life, lol!

  5. Beautiful hexi flowers. I have been admiring them in your posts for some time and actually started a few but have put them aside for another day. Too many other WIPs to finish. Love the polyanthas too.

  6. Now those hexagons look like they could have come form my stash Melody. How lucky to be given them. In the language of flowers pansies are for thought.

  7. Beautiful fabrics in those hexie flowers! Love the color combination.

  8. Love those hexies and that quilt is incredibly beautiful! Oh my gosh!

  9. Beautiful things Melody. Thanks for sharing them. Oh those polyanthas are just lovely.



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