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Thursday, May 26, 2011

...and two more too

Just a reminder that I'm having a little give away too.  Just take part in this week's Teddy Bears Picnic (a couple of posts back) and you could win a charm pack of the cutest fabric range, Max and Whiskers. I bought this from a favourite on-line shop, Want it, Need It Quilt.  Pop over and say hi to Jane and share in the bargains.  Just come on the picnic or leave a comment before Sunday night for a chance to win.

Lovely Leanne Beasley has 10 copies of Vignette Issue 3 to give away.

Pop over to Leanne's House and enter now.  She's happy to post anywhere in the world.

 Thought I'd share this wonderful piece of loveliness which was on display at the Tea Cosy Exhibition.
 More and more I want to learn to crochet.


  1. Mel, just look at the wall hanging....that is amazing...

  2. I am really impressed with all the photos you have shown from this exhibition. It does give me itchy fingers! ....... But I can't crochet, either!

  3. that and the pansy one were truly amazing.
    Yep, crochet sure is a flexible artform.

  4. I remember when that type of crochet was all the rage - very creative. Thanks for sharing the link for the giveaway.

  5. Thanks for the link and the wall hanging is truely amazing.

  6. Jane's shop is so tempting..... the wall hanging is amazing..... a lot of patience to do that...

  7. It is really beautiful. I can crochet but I think I need a refresher lesson and more hours in my day. Is it a coverlet or little quilt?



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