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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

Today I'm taking Rosalie on the picnic.  A few years ago I went though a Cloth Doll phase and made lots these 'country' style dollies.  Although some have now been relegated to a high shelf in my sewing room, Rosalie does still reside in the family room, as she is one of my favourites.  Here she is waiting outside to go on the picnic.  I think we'll have to find an inside picnic venue today as it is very soggy here in Melbourne.

Share a Bear or a Softie 
I'd love you to join us on the picnic.  Just pop your details into Mr Linky to be part of the fun.

 Fabulous Free Patterns
We are getting closer to Easter and so this week I thought I'd share some cute projects that would make lovely gifts for children who are too little, or allergic or not allowed to eat chocolate.
I love this adorable owl bib from The Small Dream Factory (sorry to anyone who tried this link and found it wasn't working.  I think I've fixed it now)
There are lots of sweet projects for the littlest members of your family, on this site.

How cute is little Anna Panda?  You can find her pattern at Molly Chicken.
Hamie the Hedgehog is delightful.  This little sweetie can be found at Lolly Chops.
If you are giving eggs, wonderful Dawn of  As Sweet as Cinnamon has just shared this really cute little bag pattern.  It's just delightful.  Thanks Dawn.
 And this is from the most wonderful blog - I only found it recently and LOVE it - My Owl Barn.  How adorable is this little gift bag?
  As always I want to recognise the talented and generous designers who share patterns with us in our wonderful little bit of blog land.  Thank you so much.
Can You Help?
If you are an animal lover please consider supporting the Free The Bears Fund.  I do and it makes me feel good to know that I am helping to give the bears in various sanctuaries around the world a safe, peaceful and happy existence. 



  1. Hi Melody, we are meeting up with you and Rosalie today on the picnic. Thanks for the great links to those patterns and tutorials (once again!!!) We have tim tams!!! See you there xx

  2. Rosalie is such a pretty girl I'm sure the bears will find her lots of fun. Anna Panda and Hamie are too cute.

  3. Great to see your Rosalie at the picnic Mel,your dolls are gorgeous, and thankyou for all your help for me to join T.B. Picnic, also for all the links to those other patterns. Love R

  4. How pretty Rosalie is & what a lot of work in her gorgeous clothes with all the little dolls. It's certainly a stylish picnic this week. Tracee xx

  5. Rosalie is gorgeous Mel, I love those little dollies on her skirt and vest, I bet they were fiddly to make! Thankyou for the links of the patterns in today's post. It's beautiful and sunny in Brisbane today, we could relocate the picnic up here :-) Cheers Kaylee

  6. I ooohed and aaahed through this whole post. What a sweet doll your Rosalie is. And the owl bibs? Too cute! Hamie the Hedgehog is amazing but my favorite is Anna Panda with the little baby panda! I don't have little ones around at the moment but I really enjoyed seeing these today!

  7. Hi Melody. Rosalie is quite a sweetie. I agree regarding an indoor venue - what about AQS? Every time I think there may be a break and some sunshine, the drizzle returns. Once again I am loving the links you provide. Have a great day, regardless of the weather!

  8. I just love the bibs and Hamie.
    It will be lovely to catch up with Rosalie again. There is so much detail in her dress - it's beautiful. It's been too long since I have visited.

  9. Rosalie is looking very happy to be outside even if briefly - we didn't make it out as it kept raining! Thanks for letting us play and for all the lovely links.

  10. Love Hamie the hedgehog and Rosalie is a lovely person and a rather sweet little doll. It is a bit wet for a picnic today but that's okay, we can go inside. Enjoy

  11. I LOVE your Rosalie!!! I went through that cloth doll, Bear and Bunny stage too! Actually I Miss it!!! Your sweetie looks so pretty out there enjoying the beautiful weather!!! Thank you for sharing her with us.
    Hugs to you,

  12. lovely post today Mel,love it all,and i really like your new look.

  13. Rosalie is a beautiful girl , she will be the bell of the ball at the picnic ;-)

  14. Rosalie is just lovely! What a charmer. GREAT links, Melody!



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