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Monday, April 25, 2011

Lest We forget.

Hope every one of you enjoyed a very happy and safe Easter.

Today I reflected on the sacrifice of others on ANZAC Day. 

 Tuesday Treasures is back tomorrow.  Hope you'll have time to play.


  1. Happy Easter & Anzac Day Melody! My mind is ticking over what to show & tell about tomorrow. Loving these Public Holidays. Tracee xx

  2. Thanks Melody for the sombre reminder.
    I have 3 great uncles buried at the Somme and one in Gaza. My maternal grandmother's 3 brothers never came back from that 'great' war and my paternal grandmother lost one brother also.
    My heart bleeds for the horror of those taken and the unspeakable sorrow of those left behind.
    Lest we forget.



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