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Friday, April 8, 2011

Colourful, floral, hexie, Out of the Box Friday + a felt pincushion too.

 This week's Colourful Friday with Robyn of Daisy Quilts could have been chosen with me in mind because I love hexagon flowers.  Here are just a few of my favourites.
Of course I've got to include my hexie flowers for my Confetti Quilt

This one came from a wonderful blog Attic 24.  Makes me want to learn crochet so much.

 I couldn't resist buying this wonderful hexagon fabric
Huge thanks to Robyn for organising Colourful Friday for us every couple of weeks.

Today is also Floral Friday with Bronwyn at Korumburra Quilting. A favourite plant in my garden is the white potato creeper.  It blooms virtually all year around and is another plant that would have been grown in my grandma's garden.  I love the simple charm of these easily grown old fashioned plants.  Bronwyn is a talented gardener and has some wonderful news about Lady Eva's photo, so its always fun to visit her.

  I've not had a lot of time for sewing in the last couple of days but I did make Block 4 of  
 Out of the Box with Dawn and Vicki.  This month I sewed Vicki's block as it featured cups of tea - one of my very favourite things.

And the postie arrived with  a parcel containing this

as part of Fiona's Felt Pincushion Swap at BubzRugz.  I am incredibly lucky as Dianne, who worked on it first included the most wonderful present.  Some of her Providence official tartan - Nova Scotia tartan - it is definitely going into my next wool project.  I love it, many thanks to  Dianne.  Take a close look at her beautiful stitching on Laura's base.  I'm sure Laura will be thrilled.

This is a great swap.


  1. I just love your hexies! Tracee xx

  2. Your hexies are beautiful. You certainly have been busy. I think your confetti quilt is going to be a stunner.Your potato creeper is so pretty too.

  3. I am not a big fan of hexies but I love the crochet and you have got your out of the box done quick smart. It looks great. The pincushions are certainly coming along. The teacup is very cute. Lots in your post today :)

  4. I am beginning to think my heart is hexagon shaped because I love the shape. I adore your fussy cutting confetti hexagons. Lovely show and tell.

  5. The hexies are just wonderful and I especially like one of the confetti hexies, it is amazing.

    The BOM block is great, I'm wishing I'd taken part in it now.

    Beautiful flowers.

  6. Just love your hexies Melody... so many beautiful ones. The felt pincushion is going to be so lovely. Lots of gorgeous things to look at today xx

  7. lovely post Mel great lot of hexies and you have done a lot of stitching

  8. Your hexies are lovely... I could never choose a favourite though..... and I love your BOM block..... the pincushion will be fun..

  9. Hello Melody,

    Now I want you to say your posting title three times really fast!!! Love the potatoe creeper,have been after one of those for a while, it seems that they are a bit scarce, or maybe other plants are more in fashion.
    Have a great weekend,
    Happy days.

  10. So many beautiful hexagons ,love the crocheted afghan .Also nice that Dianne added some tartan for you to use ,I love her addition to the pincushion .Great post!!

  11. Beautiful hexies! And your stitchery block is adorable.

  12. Your hexagons are all lovely. I don't think I would have the patience to do that many :)

  13. Wow, so many hexagons! They are all great! I used to love to crochet but no time with all the quilting projects. Oh and your Out of the Box teacups are adorable!

  14. You have the most beautiful hexies! Love your block, can't wait to start mine. And that pincushion is looking so beautiful!

  15. What a beautiful array of hexies at your place Melody....lovely colours....also got carried away looking at crochet at Attic 24....thanks for sharing!

  16. What a lovely blog you have! I love your hexies! Oh what a beauty this wuilt will be! I look forward to seeing it! :)

  17. Gorgeous post melody - love your hexie photos!! And that hexie-fabric is so unique!! Your cup-o-tea block is so sweet!

  18. Hi Melody. My busy month has finally come to an end and I am enjoying spending the time looking around at blogs and catching up on all the posts I have missed. It is great to see all your hexie flowers and I love the way your Out Of The box embroideries are turning out. And the felt pincushion is just gorgeous. I'm looking forward to joining in the Teddy Bear's picnic again. Thanks again for the links to the great freebies.

  19. Hey Mel, what a busy girl you've been...so much loveliness to see.
    I do think of you when I think of hexies... I usually see them on your blog somewhere.
    I'm late but I'm here *grin*
    Another fun CF!!

  20. Lovely post Melody and wonderful hexie flowers and how you have them all displayed.

    I am new to your blog and will visit you again soon!

    Carolyn :)



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