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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Treasures with a Gothic Air

I've always loved gargoyles.  When I was a very small child they fascinated and frightened me and this has never warn off.  I was reminded of them when Val shared this wonderful photo on her blog.  She took the picture on a trip to Paris.
It got me thinking about them again.  One of my favourites is this one at St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne.  It is modeled on a former Victorian state premier. You can read about it HERE.
This wonderful gargoyle lion is on the Melbourne Magistrates building.  He is rather magnificent.
 This one at the Forum theatre in Melbourne is really scary... I found the photo HERE
Terry Pratchett is one of my favourite authors and gargoyles feature in some of his Disc World novels, including Constable Downspout. Constable Downspout is a surveillance expert for the Watch. Being a gargoyle  he is capable of remaining motionless in one spot and watching for days at a time, a "world champion at not moving" as Vimes once put it. He has no use for money and instead receives his salary in pigeons, which he eats.  All his dialogue is written so that you have to read it with your mouth open.  Very funny.

Tuesday Treasures gives you the chance to share something you really value.  It can be a thing, a person, a place, a feeling, a concept.  Anything you want it to be.  Just add your details to Mr Linky so we can all share your treasure.


  1. Being a Leo I have to say I love the lion. Yes it's funny how they appear sinister and protective at the same time.

  2. Hi Mel, I think with these you are either a fan or not a fan, I the "not a fan", they rally freak me out :-)I'm so glad you are able to be with us today. Cheers Kaylee

  3. Hey Melody, I LOVE your gargoyle photos! I have a thing about gargoyes, they are fantastic!, and Miss 20 has just introduced me to Terry Pratchett :O) toni xxx

  4. They are fascinating... I think I will look at buildings a bit more closely.... how funny to put a politician on a cathedral....

  5. Your gargoyles are wonderful! I think our art students here at the school I work at used to do a whole unit on them! Such fun!

  6. That one of the premier is my favorite - the others kind of scare me, lol!

  7. Love all the gargoyle pics. I especially love the first one. I can imagine the eagle being way too chatty and the other gargoyle just going 'yeah, yeah'.

  8. When I worked in Kew I was surrounded! Every second house had gargoyles on the roofs. I think they are such an imaginative addition to the architecture.

  9. Glad to hear that you are feeling better now. Can't say I am a fan of these things but they do look spectacular on top of buildings.
    Keep Healthy (((HUGS))) Roz.

  10. Oh my goodness! I thought I was one of the few to read the Disc World novels. They are hilarious! So nice to know there is a fellow reader out there.


  11. I love Gargoyles too!! Melbourne has lots when you look up, I remember wandering around as a teenager. The other thing that I'm a sucker for is interesting chimneys. You're new header is beautiful!! I just love your fussy cut hexagons!!



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