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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

Time for a picnic and today some tiny little painted teddies are coming along.  They are so small they will fit in my handbag.  A few years ago I used to go to Flemington Craft market on a fairly regular basis and I bought these dear little painted bears from a delightful lady called Bridget.  They are so sweet.

Share a Teddy Bear ( Softies welcome too)
Do you have a bear or a softie to bring on our picnic.  They can be big or little, home made or shop bought.  Everyone is welcome, just pop your details into Mr Linky.

A Giveaway Winner
The winner of last week's giveaway is lovely Kaylee from Krafty Kaylee.  Congratulations, Kaylee - this is your little present. 

 Free Knitted Softie Patterns
This week I found some beautiful free knitting patterns shared, very generously, by other bloggers.
 Fuzzy Lamb by Barbara Prime at Fuzzy Mitten
 Koala Baby by Knitted Toy Box

Bubby Bear at Knitty.com
They are all so sweet.

Please Consider Helping

If you are an animal lover please consider supporting the Free The Bears Fund.  I do and it makes me feel good to know that I am helping to give the bears in various sanctuaries around the world a safe, peaceful and happy existence.

PS I just found out that my Once a Season Swap parcel arrived.  This is what I sent.


  1. Hi Melody. I love your little painted bears and Fuzzy lamb is just adorable. I could just see a special little someone making Fuzzy lamb their fav cuddly friend.

  2. Hi Mel, Thankyou so much I am so excited this is my first ever win/giveaway in Blog land.:-)
    Your painted teddies are very cute. Cheers Kaylee

  3. Oh Melody, your little painted teddies are so cute. Thanks again for the links to the patterns. I think they're all lovely, but that lamb just stole my heart :) See you at the picnic xx

  4. Hi Melody. Your little painted teddies are delightful! Just backs up the saying - good things come in small packages!
    Thanks again for the wonderful links to the softies. I have my eye on a couple I can make in the next week!
    Have a lovely picnic!

  5. Those painted teddies are so cute - a lot of detail in something so small.

    Thanks for sharing the patterns, I am in a knitting mood at the moment.

  6. Those little painted bears are so beautifully painted. It was so lovely to see them.

  7. I've brought Tim and Tam to the picnic.Love your painted bears.

  8. what a lovely swap you made for once a season swap,i hope your colour swap and your once a season swap arrives soon i am starting to get anxious,fingers crossed.

  9. What lovely painted teddies, they are so cute and I hope they are enjoying the picnic. The patterns are great too.


  10. Oh, I do hope you do this again. I have a teddy that I dressed for Halloween as Dracula. Unfortunately, I dropped my camera yesterday and can't take any pictures until I get it fixed or replace it. Love those little bears!


  11. The little painted Teddies are just sweet and the knitted toys are delightful .The person who received your swap was very lucky , such sweet gifts . hugs Sheila

  12. What sweet little painted bears! I love Fuzzy Lamb!! What a cutie!!



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