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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

I wonder who will come on the picnic this week?  I'm bringing Annie-Apple with me and she is bringing her dolly. She lives on top of a bookcase and she's a bit dusty so I think she will enjoy the cool breeze in her hair as we whizz along in the car.  Hope she doesn't hang her head too far out the car window.

Share a Teddy Bear ( Softies welcome too)
  Have you got a bear or softie to bring on the picnic.  Just pop your details into Mr Linky to join in the fun.

Links to Free Patterns

I found some fabulous patterns to share with you this week.  They are all gorgeous, it is wonderful how so many clever people in our piece of the blogging world so generously share.
Cashmere Bunny by Betz White

 Ruby Doll by Jhoanna Monte of One Red Robin
Jofus and Lally by Jodie at Ric-Rac
What clever cookies they all are to design such cute little critters for us.

A Give Away
  A think its about time for a Teddy Bears Picnic giveaway.  Please come on the picnic for an entry, leave a comment for an entry or do both and have two chances.  I'll get the RNG to pick a number on Sunday night.

Please Consider Helping

If you are an animal lover please consider supporting the Free The Bears Fund.  I do and it makes me feel good to know that I am helping to give the bears in various sanctuaries around the world a safe, peaceful and happy existence.


  1. You can tell these two are the best of friends and who else would you take along on an outing in the country but your best friend. Very cute!

  2. Hi Mel, Annie Apple is just gorgeous and we are happy to join in the Teddy Bears Picnic today. Kaylee

  3. Hi Melody, Love your little Annie-Apple with her dolly and in her OWN Basket! I had to have my picnic INDOOR due to "hibernating whiteout conditions STILL here in Connecticut! UGH!
    Thank you for hosting such a fun event AND How exciting to have a giveaway too!!!
    Have a wonderful week,
    Hugs, Donna

  4. Hi Melody, we are joining you and Annie Apples today for the picnic. It's lovely outside and a great day for catching up with friends. Thanks for the links to the patterns...they're wonderful. Save me some cake!! xx

  5. Hope Annie Apple has her coat with her today - it sure is cold out there! She is a cutie and I love her little dolly too.
    See you there.

  6. Just about to get Beechwood to join the picnic.Thanks for the BOM info

  7. Annie Apple is a lovely looking bear with a very gentle face. Gorgeous. Have a lovely picnic.
    Apologies for not joining in today, Melody. Hopefully, with all the work that is going on here, I am going to be able to finally use our main computer, and have access to photos. Look forward to joining in next week!

  8. Hi Melody, Annie Apple and her doll are great, I always enjoy your bears and your blog.Cheers Rosalie

  9. What a great picnic, such lovely bears attending... my Chloe was overwhelmed but I know she loved the outing. Thank you Melody from Chloe and me.


  10. Annie Apple is an adorable bear and her little friend is sweet too , What a terrific picnic . hugs Sheila

  11. Your bear is very pretty and I love the Golly. Hope you're enjoying a nice picnic in your sunshine. We are braving the wind and snow here by staying inside. :)

  12. And Mrs Perkins would like to join your picnic too!



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