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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

This week my Tuesday Treasure is a truly beautiful hand beaded shawl which I purchased for myself about 10 years ago. I saw it in a local shop and fell in love with it. I kept going back and looking at it but couldn't really justify buying it as it was nowhere near Christmas, or my birthday, or Mother's Day, or a wedding anniversary (or any of my other usual excuses) so I forgot about it for a few weeks. One day I was walking nearby and thought of the shawl again. I decided if it was still there then it was waiting for me and meant to be mine.

It was there, so I put it on lay-by (hooray for lay-by) and a couple of months later it was mine and I just love it.
I thought of it for this week's treasure as we had an encounter with a peacock this week. We've been looking after some friends' horses and last Friday their next door neighbours' pet was relaxing on the front porch. 

Long before we had children John and I were volunteers at Melbourne's Ripponlea  (a National Trust property) and whilst I worked inside, one of John's outdoor jobs was to stop kids chasing the peacocks.

The picture of the horses is just here so you can see how beautiful the horses are, especially the cheeky little four week old foal.
Last week there was a small giveaway and the winner was Rochelle at The Circuitous Reflections and Pensiveness of an Eclectic Lachrymose.  Congratulations, Rochelle, please send your address and I'll pop a little surprise in the post.
Tuesday's Treasures gives everyone the chance to share something, or someone, that is dear to them.  Please join in, it's more fun when lots of people play.

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  1. Your shawl is simply gorgeous , so much detail incredible. I love the photo of the horses ,the young foal looks so strong and healthy , it must have been a real pleasure to have the job of caring for them,lucky you.
    hugs SHeila

  2. I'm playing along today... wooohoo!!
    Love that stunning scarf Mel and the gorgeous peacock!
    Gorgeous horses...
    Just a lovely post...thanks xx
    Happy Tuesday :)

  3. Your shawl is exquisite.. must be wonderful to wear....
    Congrats Rochelle....

  4. Oh Melody - that shawl is too gorgeous - and it was meant to be yours! The horses are just gorgeous too.

  5. What a gorgeous shawl. Wow!!!
    a real treasure.
    And volunteering at Ripponlea, that is a treasure in its self.
    I am so excited to be last week's winner - THANK YOU :-)

  6. Hello Melody,

    The shawl is stunning, it was just meant to be for you. We had peacocks on the farm when I was growing up. They are very noisy creatures.
    Happy days.

  7. Oh my gosh is that shawl ever gorgeous!!!
    What a beautiful place to work too!
    xx, shell

  8. It certainly looks like treasure to me. Those peacocks are divine.
    I finally joined in, yay!

  9. What a beautiful shawl. Peacocks are so handsome, the colours are wonderful.

  10. Wow Melody, what a gorgeous shawl! No wonder you couldn't resist it. toni xxx

  11. It is a truly beautiful shawl - so pleased you were able to get it for yourself - it must make you feel wonderful when you drape it over your shoulders.

    I'm dashing out and I forgot to link to Tuesday Treasures on my post but I'll correct it when I get back and also pop round to see everyone elses treasure for this week :0)

    Hope you are well - those horses are beautiful!



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