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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Flower Wednesday

Actually there are three flowers to show this week. One from Marina as part of the Inchy Hexie Flower swap organised by Jane at Want It Need It Quilt!  Marina chose fabric from the 'Bliss' range of fabric, which is one of my favourites.  I knew Marina's hexie would be perfect as everything she makes is just beautiful and impeccably stitched.  Have a look at her amazing work at Maisie and the Boys.
I made two more flowers with stitched centres using some of the last of my bundle of Berkshire fabric.

I also made eight little 1/2 inch flowers but I can't show them to you yet as they are part of Round Four of Helen's gorgeous project, Stitching Around the Block, which she generously shared on her blog Hugs from Helen
Many thanks to Karen at Journey of a Quilter for organising One Flower Wednesday for us all.  You can sign up to share your hexie flowers HERE.

Don't forget that this Friday is Friday Night Sew-In with Heidi from Handmade by Heidi.  It's always lots of fun.  Read more HERE
and hopefully you will be back tomorrow for my first Teddy Bears' Picnic.


  1. Beautiful flowers as always Melody! Love the little watering can. :)

  2. Lovely flowers all round Melody. I'd forgotten it was Wednesday today, until I saw your post - duh!! better get my hexies out today!!

  3. Your flowers with the stitched centers are adorable as usual! By the way, where do you get the designs that you stitch or do you design them yourself?

  4. I agree, Marina's work is beautiful. I wish I could get the consistency she does.
    I always love looking at the little stitcheries in the middle of the hexies

  5. Glad you liked the blissful hexie, now to make myself some!
    I love your two hexies, the fabrics are beautiful.
    Those 1/2 inch hexies are fun aren't they. Hope to see them soon. I even made more small hexies to put on another quilt, hexies are so addictive.
    I think we should cover the world in hexie flowers! lol

  6. Your hexagons are just gorgeous!!!

  7. Great flowers - I forgot it is Wednesday....I wont get any done this week though

  8. Your hexie garden must be growing nicely! They are all so pretty! :)

  9. All 3 flowers are beautiful and I adore the little watering can.
    Is there a word for someone who is addicted to hexies because I think I'm one? :o)

  10. Lovely flowers with beautifully stitched centers. Good work!

  11. I like your pink flower :-))

    Greetings Marion

  12. Beautiful flowers as always Melody...Kate xx

  13. Beautiful hexies!!!!! Have fun in the Friday sewn in



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