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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today's Tuesday Treasure

Remember when everyone was making paper tole pictures.  Well I made them too, and just loved making them.  I found it really engrossing cutting all the tiny pieces and layering them up.  One day when the boys were really little, Sam about 4 and Jack about 18 months old, I was working on a picture.  I set up a card table and a bright lamp in my bedroom to work, so the boys wouldn't have to smell the pungent glass silicone smell.  The boys were sitting in the lounge watching ABC kids, probably Thomas the Tank Engine or The Wind in The Willows. I was working on this picture.

It was fabulous fun.  Eventually I looked up and realised it was dark (about 5.30ish - it was the middle of winter) and I hadn't checked on the boys.  The house was dark, and there, illuminated by the glow of the television, was Sam just as engrossed as I had been.  But where was Jack?  I asked Sam, but he didn't know.
I turned on the lights and searched the house.  No Jack!  Even now I can clearly remember how it felt as my anxiety levels started to rise.  I checked the doors, they were closed and the handles are high so he couldn't have gone outside, could he?  Never-the-less I ran outside, no Jack!  I started to shout his name- both outside and inside.  No Jack!
I'd now been searching for about 15 minutes.  Time to call the police.  My heart was pounding so rapidly I could hardly speak. When I look back it was amazing how the police officer got me to calm down and describe what had happened.  It took the police three minutes to arrive.
And the search began.  Within minutes Jack was found.  Fast asleep.  Inside his wardrobe.  Inside the dress-up box.   The police were fabulous as I felt terrible about wasting their time. Poor little tired Jack had put himself to bed, somewhere quiet and warm.
I do still love this picture, but every time I look at it I remember how it felt to lose my child, even if only for minutes, and how much I love my boys.  The Victoria Police really were my treasures that day.
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  1. Oh Melody - this story gave me goosebumps... what an awful feeling...
    The picture is amazing.... such a lot of detail...

  2. How sweet that he was asleep in the wardrobe.
    It is something to laugh about now even though I can imagine the stress at the time. A friend of mine lost her little boy in Target years ago and was in an absolute panic. They found him in the manchester dept in the mock up bed under the blanket snug as a bug in a rug!

  3. I can imagine how awful it felt for you. Really scary.

    I have 2 little ones and when I take them shopping and they disappear for a minute, it's a split second of panic and the thought "what if someone has taken them..." but then I find them hiding under the clothes racks or behind a stand.

  4. Oh my gosh! I would have been so scared too! Bless his little heart though for falling asleep in such a snuggly place.
    xx, shell

  5. What a horrible feeling. I re-lived a simmilar experience I had as I was reading your story.
    My son was upset at the time and walked out the front door, he was so quick. I got up to follow him and he had completely disappeared. We searched for hours and at the time there had been attempted abductions in the area.
    The police were called and together we searched for almost 4 hours, in the dark.
    He had crawled under the house and was curled up asleep with the dog the whole time.
    It makes you so sick though.
    I'm so glad your son was found safe and well.

    Your paper tole is beautiful, so very delicate.

  6. The picture is just gorgeous hon - but oh the story with it! Every mum's nightmare, and who hasn't had it happen at least once. New mums would do well to put bells on their children.

    Reminds me of that joke, about the boss calling his employee's house because the guy didn't show up for work. A small child answered in a whisper, with a giggle. When asked if daddy could come to the phone, the child said no, he was outside with the police. Then the boss asks what the noise is in the background, the child says it's the search and rescue helicopter. All the shouting in the background? It's all the neighbors and volunteers, dragging the pond. When asked what who everyone is looking FOR, the child giggles and says "ME".

  7. I would have been terrified too! You've got to smile at the strange places they fall asleep :o)
    Glad you had such a happy, if embarassing, ending. Love you paper tole picture, it's beautiful.
    toni xxx

  8. Hello Meloday,

    Oh my goodness I can see why you have lots of memories associated with your paper tole. I only ever made one of these in pansies. Plans for more but they didn't come about.
    A lovely treasure.
    Happy days.

  9. Oh Melody, the fright you must have had...I have had moments like that... its not nice to loose them for a short time...hug them tight...
    Dawn x x

  10. Wow, Mel, how scary!

    Funny, my treasure today is a 'group' of people, too. *grin*

    Have a great week!

  11. gosh Melody, you've done an amazing job of capturing your feelings in words, I really felt your fear. I'm so glad Jack was okay!!

  12. I can imagine the panic you must have felt ,oh my but so glad it all turned out well and the picture is gorgeous.

  13. Wonderful picture, but oh what a story, I can imagine the pounding heart but then also the relief at finding him...ever so cute curled up in the wardrobe.

  14. What a wonderful story Mel and a whole bunch of memories and emotions tied into that picture. I can imagine the state of terror you must have been in and the immense relief to find your little one asleep. A lovely treasure x



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