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Monday, December 6, 2010

At my house....

I must confess I've not spent much time at home lately. The different groups of which I'm a member, have been having their Christmas break-ups so I've been gobbling delicious treats, exchanging gifts and catching up with much loved friends.
My Wednesday sewing group had our Christmas party and gift exchange and this is what I made for Rosalie in our Kris Kringle swap.  It's a Marg Low pattern called 'For the Book Lover'.
Jacquie made this beautiful present for me.  She is a very talented glass artist and created these exquiste glass beads just for me.  I was absolutely thrilled.
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The party was at Dianne's place and she was a fabulous host. Next Wednesday some of the group are off to The Patchwork Tea House in Warburton, which is a tradition in the group.

Don't forget to drop by Lou's place at Buttons by LouLou to see what our blogging friends have been doing.


  1. Wow! You are very talented - and so are your friends. Love those beads!

  2. I love the gift that you made for your friend - it is so pretty and look at the tiny hexagon on the end of the bookmark!! Oh that is gorgeous.

    Those glass beads are stunning - beautiful bracelet.

    Such lovely gifts to give and receive.

  3. Lots of fun things happening for you - that's the tricky bit about Christmas it's busy but fun! I hope you keep enjoying all of your Christmas parties and outings. Lou.

  4. Melody,I just love my gorgeous gift, and seeing it on your blog was great, we did have a lovely day didn't we,so thank you again, love from Rosalie.

  5. What a sweet Christmas swap - I love the sound of your group. Both gifts you've shown look so thoughtful that I imagine your sewing group is a very warm and welcoming place to be. Thanks for sharing some lovely Christmas spirit. x

  6. what a gorgeous stitched gift! It is really lovely.
    yes the silly season has started in earnest. Lots of socialising and eating! Love it.
    Beautiful bead bracelet, lucky you!
    Enjoy your day out at Warburton.

  7. What fun.... you and your friends have made such wonderful gifts...
    I do love your banner and the writing..... I will have to come to you for help with doing one next year..... it is really lovely and eye catching...

  8. What lovely times you've been having. The gifts you exchanged are both beautiful. I'm fascinated by the red cellophane center piece in the last photo.

  9. I LOVE what you made for your friend - what a great pattern! Love your bracelet too, your friend does exquisite work.

  10. oh Melody, your blog puts me in an instant Christmas mood!
    What a wonderful gift you made... wow, I am in awe... and your very own glassbeads: how special is that!
    Wishing you a wonderful season! Enjoy!

  11. Melody your gift for your friend was simply beautiful , she must have been thrilled and the beads you received are gorgeous I can understand why you were pleased . Have fun on your next outing . hugs,

  12. Sounds like you have been having a lot of fun. Gorgeous gifts and yummy eats...what more does a girl need?!

  13. Looks like you are having lots of fun.

  14. A busy, fun time of year! Wonderful gifts coming and going. Enjoy the holiday season.

  15. wonderful gifts given and received........



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