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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

Today's Tuesday Treasures are the wonderful works of Beatrix Potter.
I didn't read these books as a child and only really became interested in these charming stories when I was in my 20's.  Once discovered, I became captivated.  My DH bought me some little figurines, my favourites being Hunka Munka
and Diggory Diggory Delvet
A couple of years ago I received this exquisite book for Christmas.
It contains so many beautiful illustrations and photographs.  I really do treasure it.
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  1. I loved the Beatrix Potter books as a child and I still own The Complete Works of Beatrix Potter :0) the illustrations are magical as well as the tales. I used to listen to them on audio tape also - happy happy memories.

  2. Lovely stories and there used to be a series of these on the ABC(?) many years ago that was quite well done and true to the books.

  3. What a gorgeous collection of books and figurines!!!! So gorgeous!! Did you see Joy's post from her holiday where she visited the cottage?

  4. very gorgeous - happy memories for me too

  5. Have you seen the Beatrix Potter movie starring Rene Zellweger? Is a good movie. I didn't know she bought land for National Parks in the UK until I saw the movie.

  6. Hi Melody,

    Loved your post today and I have the same Journal of Beatrix Potter ~ isn't it a sweet book.
    Also your little figurines, are adorable. I do not like mice in real life, but I do love these.
    I have a little Brambly Hedge, a dapper Gentleman mouse figurine.

    Happy Tuesday

  7. I do love Beatrix Potter! Did you see the movie Miss Potter? It was wonderful!
    These are indeed treasures my friend.
    xx, shell

  8. I just adore anything Beatrix Potter. Our family has started what I hope will be a tradition with a Peter Rabbit theme. Our children were given Peter Rabbit sets when they were born. Now we have grandchildren we have done the same for them.
    I think your figurines are gorgeous and the journal is such a delight.
    Something to enjoy forever!

  9. Too true the illustrations in the books are simply devine. Gorgeous collection you have there.

  10. I just love her books - that is a treasure indeed!

  11. Melody that are just beautiful , I really love the figurines ! Thanks so much for showing us and playing along .

  12. Beatrix Potter, I went to her house, when I was overseas. The more I see of your treasures, make me want to see the rest of your house. I still have a Peter Rabbit have given the rest to grandkiddlies.

  13. Gorgeous figurines and book. I love the little mole! He is just adorable. I remember watching with my kiddos a show on Beatrix Potter when they were small. It was so lovely

  14. Unfortunately I seemed to bypass the Beatrix Potter books when I was growing up. I must read some now to catch up. Your figurines are so sweet and your journal looks fascinating.

  15. Wow they are beautiful. Love the journal. Charmaine

  16. Hi Melody, I love Beatrix Potter and the characters. Did you see the movie? I really enjoyed it. What an imagination. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  17. I loved reading Beatrix Potter to my girls when they were growing up. How nice to have a complete set of books!

  18. Your treasures are gorgeous! I am glad you shared them with us :)



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