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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Treasures


This week's treasure is a toy from my childhood. I don't remember when I received it and I don't remember who gave it to me but I do quite vividly remember my father playing with it, or rather hearing my father playing with it.
I have never been very musical (ironic really considering my name) but my father has always yearned to play an instrument. He would retreat to the bathroom, lie in the bath and the rest of the family would hear the strains of some Italian folk song, played (not particularly well) on this toy piano accordion, wafting through the house.
When he tired of this, he bought himself a bagpipe chanter. The sounds that emerged from under the bathroom door had the whole family groaning and our dogs, Sammy and Fancy, running and hiding.

In keeping with the musical theme, this week's Tuesday Treasure give-away is a charm pack of Symphony and the most exquisite glass seahorse (not musical, just beautiful). Either leave a link to your Tuesday Treasure or leave me a comment and you will go in the draw.  Do both and you will have two entries.  I'll be drawing the winner Friday, so you've got till then.
Please play along.

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  1. A lovely melodic treasure today... sorry about the pun... it was intentional..... a lovely story and great memories....

  2. I loved the story about your musical childhood. What a valued treasure and memory.

  3. Very interesting story about the instrument Melody and so nice you still have it .

  4. Hello Melody,

    Your Dad sounds like a fun Dad to have. Lovely that you still have your musical instrument. Do you play it Melody?

    Happy days.

  5. Oh Melody you had me both smiling and laughing this morning. I adore the fact that your father played the accordian (and bagpipe chanter - what is that?) in the bath *smile*. toni xxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. What a great little toy and in such good condition. Most parents would shudder if such a potentially noisy gift arrived in the house. it sounds like your dad was just a big kid at heart.

  7. Love this giveaway. today has been a little less than good so a nice gift at the end of the week would be lovely.. lol Liz

  8. Hi Melody, I remember my Dad playing the accordian too. I was very young, but I remember him holding one. Have a great day, Melody.

  9. That is just darling - I can well imagine the noises your dad made with the bagpipes, lol!!! What a lovely give-away, Melody. I'll have to look around the sewing room in the morning, see if I can find a treasure - it's still Monday here!

  10. Love the accordian! Haven't had time for Tuesday treasures today, may catch up tomorrow.
    Lovely charm pack!

  11. What beautiful memories with your Dad, he sounds like a real character.
    Reminds me a bit of playing the trumpet (if you can call it playing) with a zany old uncle of mine at the foothills of Mt Kozioscio. We were relegated to the back paddock, the very rear back paddock :-)

  12. Well as a music lover this is a wonderful treasure to have and the music fabric is fabulous, what a perfect name Symphony. Hoping to post a Tuesday Treasure today...will be my first time. :-)

  13. Hi Melody, I always enjoy your stories, you must have had a wonderful childhood. I also love the Symphony fabric and the little Seahorse, would love to win them. Hugs to you from Rosalie.

  14. Sorry I missed this week! I'll be back next week .. and I love the image of your father in the bath playing that instrument and your name Melody!



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