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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Healing Hearts

Yesterday a parcel arrived containing some fabric I ordered including a charm pack of Happy. I love charm packs. There are so many fabulous fabric lines out there and it is lovely to be able to have a little piece of each fabric in a range. I chose Happy because I thought it would be perfect for making cheerful healing hearts.

How fortuitous it should arrive just as I wanted to make some healing hearts to send to Shirley who is collecting them to make quilts for the families of the miners lost in the NZ mining disaster.  I made six last night.
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  1. What a lovely idea. The Mining tragedy is so sad...I know this will help them to know many people care.

  2. such great fabric - perfect for healing hearts!

  3. Your healing hearts are lovely Melody.

    Charm packs are great - I've only had one to date but plan on getting a few more - the happy one has some cute fabrics in it.

  4. You are such a giving person. I am sure they will be very loved.

  5. Hi Melody,

    What a kind idea, making these lovely hearts for the miners. Such beautiful fabrics.
    Congratulations to Emily, she will be thrilled.

    Happy weekend

  6. I have lots of fabrics I can use for the hearts, I need to get some cream fabric - don't have even a fat quarter of it! Love your hearts.

  7. The hearts look great. I'd suggest you sign them with your name and town or country. I've heard feed back from people who received a quilt like this in the past, that they loved reading all the names and places the blocks came from. They realised that the whole country or in this case the world is thinking of them.

  8. What a beautiful and colorful blog you have.
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. A newbie here, and my what a nice blog you have. Love those happy pieces too. Just bright & cheerful.

  10. Perfect fabric for healing hearts Melody.



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