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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

Before anything else I would like to say an enormous thank you to Clare at Clare's Craftroom  for thinking of Tuesday Treasures and letting us play each week.  I enjoy sharing my favourite things and even more I love reading about other people's treasures.  It is one of the highlights of my blogging week.

This week's treasure is my Happiness Wall.  It is a very large pin-up board, which  I covered with fabric, and use to display my favourite bits and pieces, mainly about animals, cut from the Melbourne papers.
Here are just a few of my favourites.  If at any time I feel a bit down in the dumps I take a look at my Happiness Wall and that is exactly what it brings me.
Posted by PicasaGreat Happiness.
As you probably read on Clare's Blog she is so busy at the moment she can no longer host Tuesday Treasures.  However, I love playing so much I couldn't bear to think of it ending, so I contacted her and asked if I could continue with it and she very kindly said yes. Hopefully I will see you back here next Tuesday when Mr Linky will appear and we can all continue to share our Tuesday Treasures.

If you call back on Friday there will be details of a small giveaway to celebrate Tuesday Treasures moving to The House on the Side of the Hill.


  1. It's fantastic that it will keep going....

  2. What a wonderful idea to have a happiness wall. Good for you to keep Tuesday Treasures going.

  3. Good on you for taking up Tuesday's treasures.
    I love your happiness wall. Love that giant rabbit the little girl is holding. My kind of rabbit!

  4. So glad you are going to keep it going, and what a brilliant idea having a happiness wall!

  5. How great that you're adopting Tuesday treasures. I love you happiness wall too Melody

  6. Hope to see you next week too, if I am organised in time!

  7. Oh wow!!! I totally love your message board!! I want to read all the articles - perhaps you can scan some of them and share them with us?

  8. What a brilliant idea your happiness wall is and great that you are continuing Tuesday Treasures.

  9. I agree, a happiness wall is such a neat idea.I pin lots of completed blocks and in-the-process-projects to my sewing room wall and I guess they help to serve as my happiness walls!

  10. man - that is one big rabbit on your happiness wall!

  11. Thankyou again for taking on Tuesday Treasures , you are a treasure !

  12. Very good, keeping Tuesday's Treasures going. I always enjoy your posts. Love the Happiness Wall!

  13. I only just discovered Clare and her Tuesday's Treasures and was quite upset to discover she was no longer doing it.
    Imagine my surprise and joy to discover it was not ending.
    Thank you for taking over so this could continue and I just can't wait to add my Tuesday's Treasure to your linky.
    Thanks again
    Have a great day :)



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