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Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

I spent an hour or two this afternoon getting ready for the FNSI. Not getting my sewing projects ready but cooking some treats to eat while I sew. A lovely moist banana cake, anzac biscuits and almond and choc chip cookies.
While I was waiting for the batches of biscuits to cook I rearranged  some of my china. I decided to redo this old scrubbed pine dresser with pale blue and white.

There is a story behind this dresser. Over 30 years ago my DH and I were looking for an old small dresser, hopefully one where someone else had done the hard work of stripping it back to the old pine. We went into the Carlton Bazaar (will bring back memories for some of you) and described what we were after. They said they had one but it was on loan to Crawford Productions and was being used in The Sullivans. It was on a set of a farmhouse in Crete during a section regarding the Sullivan boys fighting in WWII.

They said they would ring us when Crawfords returned it, and they did. We bought it and it has stood in our family room ever since.

Are you taking part in the Friday Night Sew-In organised by Heidi at Handmade by Heidi? There are 110 people signed up so far.   I love the idea that many of us are sitting and sewing at the same time.  Have fun.

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Silly me I was a week early.  But I ate my cake and sewed any way.  I got lots done and had heaps of fun.


  1. What a great bit of history your dresser has.
    I loved that show.

  2. Fantastic story with the dresser..... even I know of the Sullivans!! It looks lovely with your blue and white too...Enjoy your FNSI.....

  3. Hi Melody,

    What a neat thought all of you sewing in the Friday Night Sew-in. Your baking sounds yummy ~ I love baking too and banana cake is a favourite of mine, especially to be able to use up ripe bananas.

    Have a lovely weekend

  4. That's a classic story! Have you seen it any episodes?

  5. what a lovely story...love the blue and white!

  6. That really is a lovely dresser and what a wonderful story behind it. Gosh I remember the Sullivans as well.

    Lovely with blue and white. Enjoy your FNSI

  7. Your 'celebrity' dresser looks lovely. sounds like a perfect night planned!

  8. I loved the Sullivan's as a kid, just got it out to watch a few weeks ago. Awesome history & love how you have everything on display.

    Love Leanne Nz

  9. Hope you had a great Friday Night Sew in - sustained by all that yummy baking!! I love the story behind your dresser - I do remember the Sullivans - wouldn't it be great to see it again and be able to look out for your dresser.

  10. Mmmmm cookies, I would nearly trade my chocolate for hand baked cookies.I love the dresser it's devine and your blue and white theme sets it off nicely.

  11. What a lovely story to go with your dresser - hope you're enjoying the sewing!

  12. What a brilliant story about your dresser and it looks great with the blue and white. Uuuuummmmmm, can I come over to your house for FNSI - your treats sound delicious!! I've been cutting my projects this evening so am all good to go for the big night :0)

  13. I use to watch the Sullivans when I was little. Lovely story. Charmaine

  14. Wonderful story, beautiful pine dresser and the perfect place to display your blue and white.



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