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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Treasure

Every Tuesday Clare at Clare's Craftroom gives us a chance to share something special as part of Tuesday Treasures. This week I've chosen a book written by my DH's grandma.

Grandma Daly was a remarkable woman who wrote a number of books as a fundraiser for childrens charities in Victoria.  She was made a dame for this charity work and the work she did in WWII.
Grandma moved in artists' circles and was friends with some of Australia's best and most well known artists.  She decided to ask them to illustrate the childrens stories she wrote. 
I've always been very interested in history, so loved the stories she had to tell.  Often at family gatherings I would seek her out and the two of us would sit and chat and she would entertain me with her anecdotes. 
One of my favourites was about a dinner party she attended where she was seated next to William Dobell.  He leaned over to her and pointed out a lady sitting opposite them at the dining table.  "What a magnificent woman", he exclaimed to Grandma Daly.  She glanced across  the table and thought the woman was actually quite unattractive.   "She'd make the most marvelous gargoyle", added Dobell.

Still makes me smile when I think about it now.

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The blogging world is wonderful.  Fabulous Nessaknits just sent me this link which provides a biography of Grandma.  Really interesting, I didn't know we had a deputy coroner in the family nor did I know about her medal from the Pope.


  1. What a lovely treasure to have. I googled. http://adbonline.anu.edu.au/biogs/A170291b.htm

  2. What a beautiful book by an amazing lady ! Thanks so much for showing us and playing along .

  3. Wow that IS a treasure!!! Sounds like your memories of her are too.

  4. Wonderful treasure - the pictures look great too.... such a great thing to have Melody and so interesting too...

  5. Wonderful. Lovely to have such a talented lady in the family. Charmaine

  6. What a wonderful treasure to have and such memories of your Grandmother as well.

  7. Wow - both the book and your husband's grandmother are such treasures! What wonderful memories of listening to her stories. Thanks, Virginia

  8. Wow that's amazing! Both the book and memories of hubby's Gran are really true treasures.

  9. Wow, this is so cool. What wonderful memories you have too and her book looks amazing. This is such a special treasure to have. Going to check out that link as well. Thanks for sharing Melody xx

  10. I just read the profile Nessaknits found. What a truly amazing lady. She certainly sounds like she was a living treasure of her times. It is lovely that you have a copy of one of her books.

  11. What a treasure! I just love things like this!!! She sounds like she was such an amazing lady! The bit about the lady looking like a gargoyle made me laugh.
    Have a fun day my friend!
    xx, shell

  12. A lovely Tuesday Treasure Melody!

  13. What a wonderful treasure to have. I especially liked the story about the gargoyle lady - LOL!

  14. I've been scrolling through Tuesday Treasures and come to this post. So glad that I googled and found you extra info you didn't know and congrats of being the new Tuesday Treasure Queen. I might just start playing too!



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