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Friday, November 5, 2010

Little Bits of Sewing

I've been working on little bits and pieces of sewing in the last couple of days.....

like teeny, tiny hexagons to add to the next round of Stitching Round the Block,
a Scquilters' Healing Heart for Di in NSW, a stitchery for the centre of a hexagon (thanks to Jenny from Elephantz) and a gift for Rachelle.
I also finished this little Bunny Hill Snowbound snowman, which is lucky because the next pattern is due out today.
Just need to run around and find some PINK things for Pink Friday and I'll be back.
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  1. They are fun, I've never done anything like this before and I'm really enjoying it...a bit nervous though. Yours look lovely as does the rest of your stitchery. Off to look at more now so you may find more comments popping up!

  2. Melody, your stitching is all so beautiful!!Love it all!! I'm doing the Stitching round the block too but aren't quite as far advanced as you! the hexie row has come up well - did you use glue of baste them?

  3. All your pictures are just beautiful!
    I love the fabrics in your mini hexies they just complement the stitching so well. Can't wait to see the border.

  4. Oh your stitching is beautiful Mel, so very much my cup of tea!!
    I really love Helen's stitching around the block... and all that you're doing!
    Love it!

  5. Lovely Melody, the stitcheries are adorable and your teeny tiny hexies are too!!

  6. Love your cute hexies...same question as Raewyn, did you use a sewline glue pen?

  7. Your stitchery looks beautiful.

  8. Melody, ooh love your little hexies, I'm up to them next.

    Love Leanne

  9. Sweet stitchery with the tiny hexagons! I just love everything you do!!

  10. Sweet projects, Melody!
    You are such an inspiration...
    Those little hexies are a dream!
    happy to be catching up, missed you!



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