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Friday, November 19, 2010

Colourful Friday

While Robyn is away our Colourful Friday host is Bev at Kalinga Happenings.
Today she has chosen brown to be our colour of the day.  A quick run around the garden found......

and from my needle and thread came.........
and, of course, from Sam came.........
Last but not least comes.........

My second FNSI for the month as I had the dates mixed up and so had my own little sew-in last Friday.  Tonight is the proper one and so far Heidi has 159 people signed up, why not join us tonight.  Go to Handmade by Heidi to find out more and be in the running for some fabulous prizes.

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Apologies to all the kind people who have left me a comment this week and haven't heard back from me.  It's been a frantic week but I love hearing from you and will catch up very soon.


  1. Beautiful Brown Melody! I want a train to run around my garden... I could catch the train to get the mail from the mailbox *lol* I'm way behind with comments too, so much to do, not nearly enough time! Happy Friday! toni xxx

  2. Hello Melody,

    A great range of brown found at your home. Love the Teddies.Thanks Sam for the brown train!!! Hope you get to relax a bit on the weekend,maybe with some chocolate Melody.
    Happy Colourful Friday.

  3. Hi Melody.
    Lots of lovely brown. Cute teddy. Love the basket and the rolls of twine. Gorgeous hexies.
    And another wonderful train!!

  4. LOVE Teddy! and every time I see your hexies, it makes me want to start making them too.
    Have a great rest of the day :-)

  5. love the basket of string...lovely brown pics

  6. Wonderful pictures of brown-ness - love the close up of the bark and ted is super cute though I adore the doll, especially with her headware. The last one made me chuckle - that's becoming one of my favourite pictures of brown-ness ever :0)

    Have a great FNSI.... again!!! Lol

  7. More lovely browns, so soothing and comforting. I am curious about this friday sew in. Charmaine

  8. Your pictures are great. Looove the basket and the fabric flowers.

  9. Hi Melody,

    I love all your browns, a colour I always like. The Teddy and doll are cute and how much fun that would be for a kid to have a ride in the train.


  10. Oh I LOVE that basket... how wonderful.
    ... and what cute bears you have. 100%+ adorable.



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