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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm so lucky......

Jenny from Elefantz just sent me the pattern for this gorgeous little wall hanging as a present for participating in her Birdcage Weekend Sew In.
I absolutely adore it. If you adore it too, and didn't participate in the Birdie Weekend, you can purchase a copy from Jenny's Etsy Store for $3. What a bargain. Thank you so much Jenny.


  1. It's such a cute design isn't it - I also thought we were spoilt since she inspired us to do the birdies in the first place - then gave us a present for it!! I love your birdies too - and I think I like the idea of the applique ones too....

  2. Such a sweet pattern , I am sure you will make it proud ;-0 Your birds are so adorable , you did a fantastic job and I will also comment on your flowers for this week , great job.I am trying to catch up on some blogs .

  3. I love this pattern - too darling!



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