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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Playing on Pinterest

I've been in hexie flower heaven happily putting together a Hexie Flower Board on Pinterest.  Here's a link to my board if you'd like to take a look.  I'm Melody Matilda on Pinterest.  

Just click HERE to get to it.

I will eventually be putting all the LINKS to the Fabulous Free Projects on a Pinterest board so you will be able to find them easily.

Anyone who knows me knows I just can't resist cute things.  And this one sure is cute.

Pop over to Pattern Pile to find the Free Photo Tutorial HERE.  You can also buy brilliant patterns from lots of your favourite people.
Look what I found - a pattern by our own gorgeous Fee.  Go HERE to take a look.


  1. Hi Mel! Fancy meeting you here on this lovely Wednesday morning! I just paid some bills online and thought I'd check my favourite blogs before Ken and I have lunch and go out into the sunshine for a while. I love all the bits and pieces you post here - soooooo glad you haven't abandoned blogging in favour of Facebook, otherwise I'd miss out on all your goodies :-)
    Did you hear about Annette Funicello? (Not sure if you are old enough to remember her, lol). Anyway, I've posted a little tribute to her on my other blog, and I had you in mind while I was doing it, as Annette had a terrible form of MS...

  2. Oh dear...I have tried SO hard to resist Pinterest as I already spend so much time visiting my favourite blogs but this isn't helping :) Hexies are so sweet and fun to make. xx debbie

  3. I love pinterest too... as one who remembers a picture far better than a name or title this is a perfect way for me to file things to do....

  4. Checked out your gorgeous hexie flowers Melody - they are very addictive

  5. I think it was Fiona that got me interested in pinning things so off to pin some more wonderful ideas lol. Officially need more hours in a day.

  6. It's very addictive.... I need more hours in my day.

  7. Pinning is wonderful! (but a definite time waster) I have just finished off Fee's sewing pouch - a wonderful pattern.

  8. I rarely look at Pinterest because its SO amazing!! All those wonderful inspiring images. I get caught up for hours, What a great idea to collect hexie pictures, it will be great inspiration!



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