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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

On Saturday John and I travelled down to Barwon Heads for The Sea Change Quilters' Quilt Show.  It was fabulous.  

The quilts were wonderful, the devonshire tea delicious, the ladies in the group were charming and the weather was glorious. 

There was a section of red and white quilts which were stunning.  You can see a slideshow HERE.
We hadn't been to Barwon Heads for ages and it was interesting to see how it has grown, luckily it still retains all of its charm and beauty.  
Click HERE to see another slideshow that really shows the diversity of styles of the quilts.
This small wall-hanging of a poodle stole my heart.  

After a delicious picnic lunch in Barwon Heads we journeyed  to Queenscliffe for a stop at The Chocolate Room where a little caramel filled mouse jumped into my hand.
All in all a fabulous day.

So this week for Tuesday Treasures I'd like to celebrate the myriad of quilt shows put on by fellow quilters in the city and in country towns.  It's wonderful to see the creativity shared and witness the friendships and sense of belonging being part of a quilting group can bring.

Do you have something to share with us today?  Just pop your details into Mr Linky and join in the fun.

The lucky winner of this great giveaway featuring wonderful Michelle Ridgeway's latest book of stitchery designs, fabric, threads and buttons is lovely 
Cath at Bits and Bobs
Congratulations, Cath.  I'll be in touch and have your presents on their way to you very soon.

Here's what you have won.  I'd like to take this opportunity to again thank Michelle from Rag Tag Stitchin' for her generosity in giving me this wonderful gift as a giveaway prize.
Please pop over to her website, it is delightful.

Michelle has a new project in the latest issue of County Threads
and how thrilling it is named after me.  Here's the original Melody's Beehive which came as part of a bee themed get well parcel.

Lucky me to have such an amazing friend.

Don't forget to enter my Teddy Bears Picnic Giveaway on the March 15th post.  Entries will end on Wednesday evening and I'll post the winner on Thursday morning.  You can win a wonderful pattern donated by another gorgeous blogger, Jenny of Elefantz.

 And next Tuesday I'll start a new giveaway again very kindly donated by Michelle of Rag Tag Stitchin'

I've been using quite a bit of my stash of Verna in projects lately so I couldn't resist this gorgeous tote in Verna fabrics very kindly shared by Teresa Down Under.  It's fabulous.  Thank you for sharing.


  1. I always love looking at quilts... so inspiring.... how lovely to have a pattern named after you and get the real thing sent too....

  2. Mel i didnt realize it was on,if you let me know when it is on next year i will come and meet you there.xx

  3. Lots of great reading in your post...as usual... but more eye candy today! My favourite.. that caramel mouse!!! YuM! LoVe caramel!!!!! :)

  4. Oh and forgot to say.. congrats on being published.. if in name only. Another autograph is needed...WOW, my friends are amazing! :)

  5. What beautiful quilts! I love going to quilt shows - just so inspiring. Another piece of inspiration came last night - I've been acquiring Australian Bear Creations magazines - older copies - and I was just delighted when flicking through to find one designed by Melody Daly. And it is gorgeous. Congratulations on the project Michelle designed. It is gorgeous, too. More hours in the day please.

  6. Oh that pink quilt is delightful & you can see a lot of love has gone in to that pretty poodle. Congrats to Cath on her win. What an awesome set of buzzy gifts Michelle sent, very kind & well thought out. Tracee xx

  7. Hi Melody, I just read that I won the give-away. Yahooooo! I am so excited. Thank you so much for Tuesday Treasures which brings so many of us together. Love it!

  8. The beehive is cute. I always seem to be attracted to that type design.

  9. A lovely newsy post - love the pictures of the quilts - looks like it was a great show. The beehive also is very sweet, as is teh bag pattern. Hope you have a good week.

  10. Glorious quilts, maybe one day I can do something like this. I am salivating looking at the caramel choc mouse, was it yummy? Hugs Kaylee

  11. Hello Melody,

    An enjoyable post, love those quilts and that dog one WOW! Happy days.

  12. Boy Mel you have to watch those caramel filled mice they can be very dangerous. Congrats to Cath I hope she enjoys it all. Thank you for the wonderful quilt tour. I loved them all especially the William Morris inspired quilt. Yummo! Lovely post.

    1. Thank you Michelle. I am so looking forward to my winnings heading my way. Probably won't sleep a wink till it gets here!!!

  13. Oh my... what gorgeous quilts... just beautiful. That must have been amazing to see them all together. Love that little chocolate mouse Melody!

  14. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of the show !

  15. It's always great to visit quilt shows. So inspiring! Lovely post Melody

  16. Thanks for the great pics...i also love the poodle quilt. I have made the bag in your FFF...it is my bay to take to QLD quilters meetings

  17. Thanks Michelle for sharing the pics. That first quilt is beautiful. Hope to get back to Tuesdays Treasures with you soon.



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