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Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Owl flies in...

... as part of Quilting Block Swaps Australia.  And isn't he adorable.  He ia extra special as he travelled far and wide while being stitched.  My partner Kerry named him Murray and she made him while travelling the roads from Mildura in Vic to Mannum in S.A.

Thank you so much, Kerry - he is a delight.  Thank you too for the fabulous pattern.


With the present basket in mind, I found this absolutely fabulous Patchwork Sewing Kit tutorial at Lots of Pink Here.  Many thanks to Amy for sharing this great design.


  1. Cute block Mel oh i love the bee hive that Michelle named after you,how sweet you both are,thanks for the link i am going to check it out now,take care Mel.xx

  2. Hi Melody, your new little owlie block is so cute. This is going to be the sweetest quilt.

  3. Murray is a fine looking fellow & the Leanne's House pattern does look yummy. I can't wait to see Melody's Beehive in print. I can take it to my quilt group & say 'Friend of mine.....!' What a sweetie Michelle is too. Tracee xx

  4. You owl block is so sweet.
    Hugs Tanya



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