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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Gathering goodies

John had yesterday off work, so we took a trip out to lovely Warrandyte. Warrandyte is one of our favourite places and it's only about 20 minutes from home so we often pop over for a stroll along the river and to eat yummy treats.
Now there is another added attraction, gorgeous Bustle and Bows.  I know I swore I wouldn't start anything new but when I saw Sarah Fiekle's adorable Down the Rabbit Hole, I couldn't resist.  
Bustle and Bows had everything I needed to get me started on month one of the BOM.  I fell in love with the background fabric as soon as I saw it and, as I'm using some wool felt in the quilt, I added a bit more to my collection.
I also picked up some hand dyed wool felt for my Around the Garden.
A truly lovely day.
I've always loved a suffolk puff and this project has plenty so it is a winner with me.
 You can find this lovely mini quilt by following this LINK to fabulous Purl Soho.  Enormous thanks to everyone involved.

Hope you enjoy a delightful day


  1. Oh I couldn't resist 'Down he Rabbit Hole' either and am sill playing around with fabrics. I have bought my background but hope to use up some of my stash for the rest. Your hand-dyed wool is beautiful and the Country Garden thread is a perfect match. We are so fortunate to have such talented artists in Australia.

  2. Your fabrics are so colorful and cheery! I also like the blues in the suffolk puffs (or yo-yos, as I call them.)

  3. Yuuuummmmmmm!!!! Love your thread.

  4. Hi Melody, I did wonder if that was you who joined the other day .....I'm also doing this project - wish I had some of the lovely shops close to me here that you have down there! Love that thread! I'm still working on some of my fabric choices - kind of limited up here



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