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Monday, December 5, 2016

Michelle's Quilt

Over a year ago, my blogging friend Michelle had a quilt stolen. Really heartbreaking for her, so fabulous Robyn organised for a group of her friends to remake it for her. Yesterday some of the makers got together with Robyn to hand over the completed quilt.
They were very sneaky luring Michelle to a surprise get together and then playing a game of pass the parcel...guess who won.

I think Michelle was surprised and very very happy
It was made by friends from all over the world and some flew in from New Zealand and interstate for the get together.

Unfortunately I couldn't be at the presentation but I do feel so happy to be part of this celebration of friendship.  Once again enormous thanks to Robyn for getting everyone organised and for being the driving force behind this project.
Now this is a LINK to a really really cute teddy bear.  Wouldn't he look wonderful made in Christmas fabrics?
He is very generously shared by fabulous Wynn at zakka Art.  Many many thanks to Wynn for sharing his pattern with us.

Have a wonderful day. 


  1. Wasn't that a fun surprise? I wish I could have been there, and I'm very glad that someone made a video and had it on FB. Lots of fun surprises for bloggy friends lately.

  2. Oh this is wonderful. I remember when this quilt was stolen. I couldn't believe someone would do that. Such a heart warming post.

  3. It was wonderful to see Michelle's reaction :)

  4. Wonderful post, Mel, such a sweet and happy thing for all of you to do for Michelle.

  5. It was great that one of the girls filmed Michelle opening the box. We may not have been there in person but we still got to join in.

  6. I was wondering when Michelle was going to receive it. So wonderful that all the lovely quilters were able to do such a beautiful heart felt thing for dear Michelle. I hope that it helps Michelle to get over the awful thing that happened. Quilters are the best!

  7. It was truly a wonderful day...thanks for being a part of my beautiful quilt x

  8. What a wonderful gesture of friendship to remake the quilt! Beautiful! Have a lovely week! Christine x

  9. This was the sweetest story ever! Such amazing friends to do this for her. Beautiful quilt!

  10. I think that while we all will continue to wonder what happened to the original quilt, we will also remember the loving & generous efforts of Michelle's friends to re-make it. Stitchy people have BIG hearts.



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