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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Rajah Quilt

I was lucky enough to view the Rajah Quilt as part of The Making of the Australian Quilt exhibition which I visited a week or so ago.  I'd heard a bit about this quilt so I was fascinated to see it and spent quite a bit of time gazing at its beauty and marvelling about the circumstances in which it was made.

I went in search of some information about the quilt to share with you, my lovely readers, and came across this fabulous blog called Rajah's Granddaughter.  If you are interested in the colonial history of Australia, think you will really enjoy Bernadette's blog.  Here's how she describes it...

I have called this 'Rajah's Granddaughter' because my great, great, great grandmother Grace was a Rajah convict. I am a 7th generation Tasmanian and very proud of my convict heritage. Read my blog to find out more.

I think this post on August 9th 2014 will be of much interest to you if you are interested in the Rajah quilt.  Please follow this LINK.

Do you have some of those charming mini charm packs sitting in your sewing room? If you want to make a really charming gift for a little kiddie you might enjoy making this project, using some mini charm squares.
Please follow this LINK to April Rosenthal's charming blog.  Enormous thanks to April for sharing it with us.
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  1. Oh how fortunate you are to have seen this quilt. I seem to miss it whenever it's on show. Thank you for the link; I shall enjoy looking it up to find out more.

  2. I was also fortunate to see it when it was in Brisbane. Enjoy.



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