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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Making the Australian Quilt 1800 - 1950 part 2

More wonderfulness from the quilt exhibition from The National Gallery of Victoria.

I spent quite a bit of my time at the exhibition swooning.

Today I'm sharing a LINK to a project which should be perfect for my friends in the northern hemisphere who will be going into winter soon.  If the truth be told it is often cold enough for a hot water bottle here in Melbourne too, even in spring and sometimes summer.
I was particularly attracted to the gorgeous clamshells...so beautiful.  Enormous thanks to Joanna at wonderful Two Owls Design for sharing her talent and creativity with us.
Hope you have a delightful day


  1. Beautiful quilts. I just saw another beautiful show of quilts over on Bonnie Hunters blog. Quiltville.
    Love old quilts

  2. The quilts are just gorgeous! No wonder you swooned! Christine x

  3. I can't even imagine sewing any of those beautiful quilts...wow! Such talent! Cute, cute hot water bottle holder. :O)

  4. I have the book on the making of this quilt. I've swooned over it many times. Cute hot water bottle. I often use one in winter as I don't use an electric blanket, or a doona, so a hottie is lovely on a chilly night.

  5. I hate to admit this, and please excuse me for saying it. I'm American, and maybe it's the reason someway, somehow--but- I don't get the whole hexagon thing. Maybe it's because they are mind-numingly boring to me. The rest of the quilts are fabulous!



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