2016 Free Boms

Monday, November 7, 2016


Gardening is one of the activities which bring me the most joy in life. One of the delights of gardening is anticipating the blooms that each season will bring. One of my very favourite roses is Wedding Days and this year looks like there will be a delightful show of a multitude of little clusters of simple roses that start as yellow buds and open to cream blooms.
They will contrast beautifully with the gum trees in my garden.  I keep checking every day to see if any have opened.
Should be a wonderful display when they do.
I'm a huge fan of Kathy Schmitz.  The simplicity and whimsy of her stitcheries are utterly charming. If you'd like to stitch one please visit her blog by following this LINK to her August 5th 2016 post and you can stitch this adorable project called Bird in Hand.

Enormous thanks to Kathy for sharing this delightful design with us.

I'm off to a stitching afternoon so I know I'll have a fun time, hope you have one too.


  1. That's a cute little project

  2. I’m glad our days are now cooler, but come January I’m going tired of it and will be jealous of your flowers. Can’t wait to see your blooms! :-)

  3. Look forward to seeing it flowering...
    Love you book list, they seam to have a theme going...lol

  4. Lovely blooms shall soon be in e gum trees are safe especially after the high winds we have had. I also love Kathy's designs and have her book on my wish list. Hope you had a wonderful fun day today with stitching friends.

  5. Such a pretty small project! Your garden is gorgeous and I'm sure those wedding day roses will be beautiful. :O)



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