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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


When I was a girl my parents took my brother and me camping in the Flinders Ranges.  It was baking hot during the day and freezing cold at night.  My mother had made us sleeping bags out of old quilts and they were not very warm, certainly not warm enough for desert camping.  I remember abandoning the tent and snuggling up to our two dogs who were sleeping in the back of the station wagon, in a vain attempt to keep warm at night.  
My other vivid image is of being sent behind a tree to wee and big bullants running up my legs and biting them.  So right then and there I declared I would never go camping again and I never have.
John, however, longs to tour around and sleep in a camper trailer.  After visiting Melbourne's Leisurefest a couple of weeks ago we've come to a compromise.  A caravan it will be, or maybe a motorhome...as long as it has a toilet and shower I'll be happy.  We've even shaken hands on the deal so I can't go back on my word.
We took Henry with us and he loved it.
Again I'm suggesting a visit to fabulous Sew and So for today's free patterns. With Halloween almost upon us there are free patterns for a knitted pumpkin
a crochet pumpkin
and cute little stitched pumpkins.
Please follow this LINK to find these patterns very generously shared by Anna Fazakerley at Dotty Doily, Claire Garland and Helen Philipps with a pattern from her fantastic new book, Modern Vintage Gifts

Hope you have time for some stitching today,


  1. I agree with you about the camping. I did quite a bit when I was a Girl Guide and it was never a memorable experience. Caravans and motor homes look far more my style. Henry looks as if he would enjoy it too!

    1. Hi Pieta, I'm so sorry I can't work out how to read your posts when I follow your link. Thank you so much for visiting me.

  2. Wow! How exciting! I wish you all the best on your many adventures.

  3. Great idea Melody..... it will be such fun


  4. Hi Mel...didnt see U there. I don't do camping either ! My one & only campertrailer trip was before Damien & I married. He was looking at motorhomes (pulled caravan ,family kids for 20 yrs in his previous life). Hiring was what he was thinking...appears that only few company hire motorhomes, the very basic ones that have been WELL used. We'd be happy to pay for hiring of delux motorhome, but alas it seems most folks buy new (big $) & huge resale market. Apparently some folks don't use them much for whatever reasons thus 2nd hand/hardly used market is big. The real delux ones understandbly hold their price. I pretty sure I'll only want to do 1 trip (turning into a real home body these days). I loved the Vintage plywood caravans & tan/white holden station wagon. Good luck & happy motorhoming. Missed your lovely smile at NOTY meeting last Sat.

  5. Some great adventures coming up. Good on you!

  6. I love our bus. Yes, it does have a toilet and shower too.

  7. My first experience camping was pretty miserable too and I've never been again either! Glad you have found a good compromise! Christine x

  8. Pity childhood memories have ruined the idea of camping for you Mel. I do prefer being off the ground though so we have a camper trailer.

  9. We went camping (tents) when I was a kid in the White Mountains of New Hampshire - nothing as bad as what you went through, but I'm at an age where that wouldn't appeal to me. You should check out http://wooliemammoth.blogspot.com/ Anna and her husband have an RV and travel a lot on the west coast of the United States. She does YouTube videos about their travels (and the quilt shops she visits!) I can't believe how big your grandson is getting!



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