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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Turning Japanese

I do wish I hadn't started singing Turning Japanese as I wrote those words as now that silly song is caught in my head.
At one of our NOTYQ Guild Meetings Kris talked about a trip to Japan taken by a dozen or so NOTYQ members.  I really enjoyed her talk, especially as the tour had a textile theme.  It sounded wonderful.  She purchased a few kimonos and I got the chance to model one up on the stage.
That's Kris wrapping me up.

We felt like bursting into song and singing Three Little Maids From School.
A lot of fun, I do love my NOTYQ friends.
Finding this project is the reason I shared the memory above.
I thought this is a lovely useful garment.  It's pattern and a great tutorial is very kindly shared HERE at fabulous The Polka Dot Chair.  Enormous thanks to Melissa for sharing it with us.
Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day


  1. LOL now you've got me singing this song too!

  2. What a cute little maid you are! Love the pattern, thanks Melody. I've been watching Great British Sewing Bee and my mojo for making clothes has been prodded.

  3. A lovely post, it was fun reading. Alice Margaux

  4. Kris loved her trip. She came for a cuppa and shared all her news.

  5. Lovely kimono! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I just may try it. :-)

  6. They are lovely. What an interesting talk.



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