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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stitching Hexie Flowers

Most evenings I've been stitching together my red, pink and white swap hexies to form the panels for the screen I scavenged from the kerbside rubbish collection.  I'm not sure if I will have quite enough flowers so last night I decided to make a few more.  And here they are...

I think my very favourite sewing is making hexies.
Are you going to AQC?  My dear friend Christine at MacDonald's Patch is organising a get together for lovely Maria from Life on the Block and her daughter Sandra from Playing Tiddleywinks, as they are over from Western Australia visiting Melbourne.  It's on Friday.  Please follow this LINK to find out more.  Should be so much fun.

What could be cuter than a Little House Pincushion?
If you would like to make a delightful pincushion just follow this LINK to fabulous My Bear Paw.  Enormous thanks to Jo for sharing it with us.
Have a fabulous day


  1. Beautiful hexies Mel love your fabrics and colours !!

  2. Lots of lovely hexie said. Thanks for the link for the lovely cottage pin cushion. Enjoy.

  3. Your hexies are beautiful.... so cleverly stitched not a sign of how they went together! Christine x

  4. Cute hexies Mel.
    Thanks for the thumbs re the GTG.....

  5. It's going to be very exciting to see this screen when it is all finished. I am so looking forward to see how you do it.



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