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Monday, April 4, 2016

Lucky me and FNWF results

On Friday another beautiful parcel arrived.  Gorgeous Melissa of One Day in May was chatting to Libby about the fact that I had to miss their stitching day due to my ill health so Melissa sent me the designs she taught on that day too.  

Such a beautiful and super kind thing to do.  I adore Melissa's designs so they are going to the top of my To Do List.  Gail also contacted me recently organising to do something really kind for me.
We are so lucky here in Melbourne, not only do we have super talented designers, they are truly beautiful people too.  I feel very blessed.

I managed a bit of stitching on Friday night as part of 
I did a bit more of my penultimate block of Flowerville.  Rosie's designs are such a delight to stitch.

Now this project really is cute.
and lucky us because the pattern is free by following this LINK.  Many many thanks to all involved at Love Patchwork and Quilting.

Have a wonderful day


  1. what a pretty project Mel.. You will enjoy stitching it.
    Flowerville is looking great, such gorgeous threads.

  2. How kind and what a lovely gesture, I'm sure it just made your day.

  3. Such a fabulous pincushion too Mel. Much love to you always, Keep well.

  4. What great, thoughtful friends you have, Mel. Surrounded by those who care and reach out to brighten your days. How wonderful!
    P.S. How's your little furry one who was feeling poorly?

  5. You have wonderful friends/designers! Love your Flowerville stitchery. So sweet!

  6. How lovely of Melissa. Your Flowerville is really coming along. xx

  7. I agree with Kim Mel. you have so many thoughtful and kind friends who care about you and try to brighten your day :)

  8. Beautiful people caring for a beautiful soul....YOU! I am working on the same block for Flowerville atm!

  9. Thanks for stopping by at Friday Night with Friends...nice project.

  10. Hello Melody,

    Love your project you are stitching on, so glad to have your company on Friday evening. Enjoy the new patterns, that pincushion is so beautiful.

    Happy days.

  11. Such lovely projects Mel. I have been enjoying stitching these

  12. What a lovely gesture! I hope you enjoy stitching the pincushion! Have a lovely week! Christine x

  13. Such a thoughtful gesture Melody, you'll enjoy the stitching even more!

  14. How lovely and what a blessing when you are not at your best. Hope you are feeling a bit better today xo

  15. What a very nice thing to do and a very pretty project too



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