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Thursday, March 24, 2016


Sometimes I remind myself of Toad of Toad Hall...always caught up in a thrilling new adventure or hobby, abandoning my last favourite project with little thought.  

This was going to be my year of finishing off projects, my year of not starting anything new...and then I discovered Wendy Williams and her wonderful patterns.  
A new craze has begun BUT I've decided to take control of myself and finish one unfinished project before I embark on a new craze and so lovely Flowerville is back in my hoop.  And this is hopefully how I'll progress all year, alternating between a new and an old project.

In the last few evenings I stitched the Florist Shop and thoroughly enjoyed myself, only a few more stitches to go.

 Only three more blocks to stitch.  Then I'll put it all together and I can start one  of Wendy's projects without feeling guilty.
This lovely Easter bunting is very generously shared HERE
at fabulous How to Sew.com.  Have making your own eggy decoration.

Hope you have time for some stitching today.  
I'm spending the day with Henry so I don't think I'll be doing any but I do know I'll be having fun.


  1. Beautiful things indeed. Have a lovely day.

  2. It is so hard not starting something new....it is like chocolate....just gotta make it.

  3. Love your flowerville block Mel. Also love Wendy's work. Will look forward to your progress on both projects.x

  4. Wow what an amazing quilt - I'm going to have to check out her patterns, I love it!

  5. Happy Easter to you too Mel. Stay safe xox

  6. Lovely flower ville block and I can see why you had to start a new project
    It's gorgeous.

  7. 3 blocks of flowerville won't take you long... You do a good job

  8. I can see why you would want to start a new craze that Wendy Williams quilt is beautiful. The Flowerville patterns are gorgeous too! Christine x

  9. Flowerville is so very pretty, my dear, but I can see why you are so tempted by Wendy Williams! lol! Happy Easter.

  10. I so love your Flowerville stitchery. The colours are absolutely gorgeous. So you!

  11. I love wendy williams! I look forward to watching you stitch that
    Do you know wendy from wendy's quilts? She has done some WW projects and they're gorgeous



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