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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

This weeks stitching

This week I'll be stitching this block from Rosalie Dekker's fabulous Flowerville.  
This is Rosie's completed Flowerville quilt.  I'm making mine with 1930s reproduction fabrics and a Cottage Gardens thread called Tulip.
I'm stitching my fourth block and there are nine stitcheries needed.  And I've only made one dresden plate so far. So I've still got lots to do.
My aim is to finish this quilt, including the quilting, before 2016 ends. 

Today I returned to The Quilt Shop and the Monday afternoon friendship group for the first time in 2016.  It was lovely to be back and see Sharon and Alison again, they are both really lovely...
...and their shop is beautiful.

Another beautiful mini which would make a delightful St Valentine's Day gift.  It is very kindly shared by lovely Laura at Kittens and Threads which is a delightful blog to visit.  Just follow this LINK and many many thanks to Laura for sharing this lovely pattern with us.

Hope you have time for some stitching today.


  1. Love this beautiful flowerville quilt.... I will look forward to seeing more of your blocks during 2016! Love the stitching so far! Christine x

  2. Your quilt will be beautiful in 1930;s prints, Melody!

  3. Beautiful coloured thread you are using for your Flowerville blocks...enjoy.
    Such a gorgeous craft shop sew close by...

  4. love seeing your5 blocks Melody

  5. I'll get the whip out if needed to keep you on track Mel! LOL! What a lovely photo of Allison and Sharon. You should send them a copy.

  6. Replies
    1. Flowerville is so lovely and it's great to have a project on the go with a finish date in sight

  7. Mel, what a gorgeous quilt!

  8. Beautiful project to be working on Mel and a big Happy Birthday for today my friend :) Barb.



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