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Monday, February 29, 2016

My dad's 21st

Today is my Dad's 21st birthday...He may be 84 years old but he has actually only had 21 birthdays... since February 29th, 1932...so hip hip hooray...
...Happy Birthday Vic Argyle

I really want to be part of the Splendid Sampler experience but with my MS playing up at the moment I really need to make an easier version.  I plan to adapt and simplify some of the blocks and that's exactly what I did with block 2.
I don't think the designer of Block 2, lovely Jane Davidson will care.  She is such an understanding, kind person and one of the first people to welcome me to blogworld when I first started blogging.

Victoria Australia.
Look what is coming up.
Here's how the members describe the Exhibition.

9:00 am to 5:00pm on Saturday 12th March and Sunday 13th March.
A showcase and celebration of the quilts made by the members of Threadbear's Appliqué Group with no judging or prizes. We just want to share the gorgeous quilts made by some of the best stitchers, both professional and amateur, in Victoria. Every dollar raised will be donated to our chosen charity; this year it is Emma House in Warnambool who care for women and their children throughout Victoria and beyond who are victims of domestic violence.

Should be wonderful

This is such a lovely project.
Please follow this LINK to this delightful blog, Sylia's Simple Life.  Many thanks to Sylvia for sharing this beautiful project with us.
Hope you have a wonderful day


  1. Happy 21st Birthday to your Dad! What a good idea to simplify the SS blocks so that you can still participate and they look beautiful too! Loving the Tilda fabrics! Christine x

  2. Blocks look great. Hope your feeling better.

  3. Your blocks look great Mel. That's a good idea for your butterfly one. Happy 21st to your Dad. xx

  4. Your blocks look great Mel, great idea !!

  5. Melody your adapted block with the butterfly is lovely. I think I like it better than the original. Happy birthday to your Dad. There must be something weird about your birthday not appearing where it should every year. Hope he has a lovely day. x

  6. Your simple blocks are perfect! Happy 21st birthday to your Dad.

  7. Thanks Mel...xox
    My SIL has a leap year birthday as well...

  8. Your blocks are great! Nice to see them!

  9. I love what you have done with those blocks. Awesome girl! Happy birthday to your dear dad. I only know of one other person who was born on a leap year. Hope you are feeling better. Angel hugs.

  10. Happy birthday to your dad, my uncle is 15 this year!! ;) Your blocks are wonderful, and I love your fabrics!

  11. Happy 21st Birthday to your dad! I love your heart block and that butterfly is too cute. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  12. special happy birthday to your Dad.... I love your adapted block - and I too don't think designers mind if you use their inspiration to make one that suits you...

    1. Happy birthday to your Dad. Am loving your blocks

  13. A very special Happy Birthday to your father!!

  14. What fun to have such a young dad!

  15. Love the little bag link. Your SS blocks are looking great... At least you are still being productive

  16. I love your butterfly block and think I should make one too--that would make 101 blocks--think that is a nice number!! Thanks for the idea--
    love and laughter, di

  17. Well, best wishes to your Dad, Melody... special birthday indeed! one of my BILs & his wife got married on Leap Day in 2012, just for the sake of being quirky!

  18. Wow Happy Birthday to your dad!!! What a way to stay young, lol, love it! I really love your simplified blocks - good for you - and I don't think designers mind either if you change things up to suit you.



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