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Monday, January 25, 2016

Friday Night Sew In results

I didn't spend my Friday night sewing, instead I worked on a new feature for my blog.  So please take a look at my Pages just under my header and you will see a page called
Free 2016 BOM's.  
I've found 25 new BOM's so far.  I've checked all the links, to make sure they work and to determine that the BOM's really are free.  One thing to note is that some BOM's share the free individual block patterns for only a month so you need to check them out, work out what you'd like to sew and download the patterns straight away, even if you plan to stitch them at a later date.
If you know of any I've missed or see a new one starting please let me know so I can share it to this page. 

If you go HERE at Allison's beautiful blog Cluck Cluck Sew you will find the pattern and Instructions for this delightful mini.
Thank you so much to Allison for sharing her I Heart You Free Mini Quilt Pattern.

I'm off to the Clydesdale and Working Horse Show which should be fabulous

Hope your day is fabulous too.


  1. Wow look at you, girl - thank you SO MUCH for doing this! I can't wait to check out the links! Cuz, you know, I never have enough to do....*giggle*

  2. Hi Mel, thank you for your research I have missed being involved in A BOM project regards O faigh

  3. Wow Melody that is a lot of work hunting down all of those BOM's, thank you so much, I can't wait to have a look through them all.

  4. Thanks for sharing all these BOM's. You have done an amazing job! Is it just me but I don't see the "Free 2016 BOM's" page under the header.

  5. Wow! Thanks! Great idea to find free BOMs and to do all that research for us! I'll spend some time with it and choose something! Thanks!!

  6. Thanks for finsing all these for us. I am doing Jenny's and Val's . sooo many to choose.

  7. What a busy FNSI you had doing sew much research for everyone to enjoy the free BOM.. I am resisting joining this year even though I have downloaded January Block from Quilt Doodles...lol
    I'm sure you will enjoy the show as there wil be tea and scones there I am sure....

  8. Thankyou Mel for all those lovely links and I hope you had fun at the horse show.😊😊

  9. Hi Melody - well researching is as good as stitching, you've gathered up some fab info there - I'm still loving your new blog header every time I see it!

  10. That's a great list of BOMs. Are you going to get them all done....haha

  11. This is so great - Thank you, Mel!!

  12. Thank you for this great list--I did find a new one with the counted cross stitching that is really tempting!! But I did have a problem with the connection to Marysriverquiltguild--can you find this and check on it to see if it is right?? thanks again-
    love and laughter, di

  13. Thanks so much for putting this list together - it's wonderful for them to be all in one place.



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