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Friday, January 15, 2016

Binge watching Lucy

I am a huge fan of Dr Lucy Worsley.
I love her books and her documentaries so during my blogging break I spent a couple of days binge watching her shows on SBS on-line and on Youtube.  Her focus is social history and I've always been far more interested in people's everyday lives rather than political or economic history.
I really love it when she dresses up in the clothes of the period of history she is discussing
and how she describes the influence of the times on dress.  Her love of textiles is very clear

If you are not familiar with her work, please take a look (especially my lovely friends in the USA as I don't believe many of her documentaries are screened there).
Her wry and cheeky sense of humour is very endearing too.  You can check out her blog HERE.
As many of you know I am huge fan of another wonderful and talented woman, our own dear Jenny of Elefantz.  This year she is sharing two wonderful free BOMs with us.
I plan to stitch this one
and she is also sharing this one together with sweet Allie from Allie Oops Sweet Happy Life.
 You can find all the details and the links to the patterns at Jenny's delightful blog, Elefantz.

Tomorrow I'll be at Gail Pan's Stitching day
Hope I'll see heaps of you there


  1. Thanks for telling us about Lucy Worsley, I am going to check her out right now!

  2. I too love Lucy Worsley, thanks for the link. Take care of yourself Mel hope to see you at the Feb NOTYq meeting.

  3. I have recently been watching Dr.Lucy's programs on YouTube. Thanks for the link to her blog!

  4. I have seen her on ONE in the US. She did a program on Hampton Court. She was great and very easy to listen to.

  5. I'll be tuning in to That program...I watched just a bit and it looks good! There's nothing on here on t.v. at night so it will be fun while I'm crocheting. I love your "new look" on your blog and the 2 BOM's are just delightful. I'd like to make the wash day one for my laundry room...so cute! Thank you as always!

  6. I've only recently discovered Lucy. I love her documentaries. She makes them fun. I'm planning on stitching Jenny's Gentle Domesticity too. I hope you have a lovely day of stitching. Say hello to Gail for me. xx

  7. Looks like we have something else in common. I also love her and it was lovely to find out that she is curator of Hampton Court Palace which I had the privilege of visiting in JUne last year. So many of her shows are filmed in the palaces etc which I have visited. I am looking for her book "If Walls could Talk" or something like that. About the way people lived in their domestic life. I, too, am doing the first BOM of Jenny's and I am currently stitching the first 6 of the stitchery club. I shall show you when I see you next month.

  8. I found her! Thanks so much for sharing her show. I LOVE it! I watched the Tsar series yesterday. Now I have a new show to watch - too bad it's not on US TV. I'll settle for YouTube.



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