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Friday, January 29, 2016

And another feature on my blog

My aim with this blog is to give myself a record of my stitching, to connect with friends and make new friends all over the world and to make this blog a place to go for stitching/ quilting/sewing information, links to patterns and details of events that are coming up.

So I have another new section...and yes it is another page (located just under the header) called
For Visitors to Melbourne
Here you will find some of my favourite places in Melbourne, Australia.  Places that I think visitors from the country, interstate or overseas might enjoy visiting.  I went to two of them yesterday.

1 Orr Street Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia

I visited with my dear friends Christine
and Helen
And of course, greedy me

Jam and Cream is a teahouse which specialises in, freshly cooked to order, scones and other old fashioned treats. Not only is there delicious food there are also heaps of delightful goodies on display all with a domestic theme.  The whole place has a vintage vibe which I adore.

Got to love those vintage undies in the window.

It was wonderful to get together with these very dear friends, both of whom I met through blogging. After our gobbling food and chatting we went off in different directions and I popped down the road to another favourite place

282 Wingrove Street  Fairfield. Victoria

I cannot find the words to describe how beautiful Kellie's shop Cutting Cloth is to visit.
It is jam packed with the most beautiful fabric, haby items, threads and gifts. And lucky, lucky me I'll be doing classes with super talented Wendy Williams, who will be coming down from Sydney to teach at this gorgeous spot throughout the year.  Here's the quilt I want to stitch.  
I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, never dreaming Wendy would be coming regularly to Melbourne to teach. Enormous thanks to Kellie for bringing teachers in from interstate, I know fabulous Margaret Sampson George is to be a regular at the shop too...and I am so much in love with her designs as well...but this is supposed to be the year I finish off existing projects and don't start new ones...oh well maybe the year after.
And of course I'm still doing classes with wonderful Di Ford Hall, I adore her and will be doing classes with her forever...she is such a brilliant teacher and a wonderful person.
I am so glad I discovered The Snowflower Diaries.  Maja's blog is a truly beautiful place to visit...and how charming is her February pattern for her Stitch-a-long.
Here is the LINK.  Even if you don't do cross stitch you really should visit Maja, just for the opportunity to enjoy her beautiful photography.  It is a true delight.

Hope you have the happiest day


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog Mel. You are busy adding such interesting pages. Thank you for all the great photos too. I love the look of the cross stitch calendar. Thanks for the link.
    Val from valspierssews

  2. Dreamy places! The cafe looks like the lovely place to visit, I would choke on the yummy scones and put a kink in my neck looking at all the pretty stuff on display! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Looks like you had a lovely morning tea Mel, is a beautiful location. Love the look of the fabric shop too...that is a beautiful quilt you are going to be sewing.

  4. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge Melody, it wonderful to just browse your blog and discover new and exciting things, I could spend hours on here LOL

  5. Thank you for sharing Mel....beautiful spots to visit definitely! My the scones looked delish!

  6. Please, please tell me where I can order the Wendy Williams applique pattern in the round that you pictured above. e-mail me at robinsbusiness@hotmail.com
    Thanks, Robin

  7. Yummy scones. I love the Wendy Williams pattern. I bought it years ago and never got it sorted. It has a little bit of fabric with it. I had all the best intentions...

  8. Oh Mel I do hope to join Christine and you one day at one of those lovely spots...

  9. Wow Melody thank you so much for all of the wonderful information you are adding to your blog. This page about Melbourne I will definitely be watching as hubby and I hope to come over to Melbourne sometime this year or early next. Both of those places you have mentioned today look lovely. After being in that beautiful patchwork store you would definitely need to refill the tank and the wee cafe looks gorgeous, Those scones are massive and look so light and fluffy. Again thanks for sharing.

    1. Mel you spoil us with all this wonderful information. Two wonderful shops

  10. Loved seeing the photos of both the beautiful tearoom and the fabulous quilt shop! Great idea to add information like that to your blog! have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  11. the shops looks wonderful and I've never seen scones like that here in New England! Does Wendy Williams sell patterns? I'd order from Australia, if I could get that pattern - it's fantastic! I just ordered her book from Amazon.

  12. Thank you for taking me shopping with you! I don't get out much and there are no shops like that anywhere near me so it was a treat to see them and I spent not one penny! LOL!
    I love those quilts! Does she have a book or patterns for sale?
    And I found my daughter's birthday present for me to make over at Snowflower's. I love her site and so many free patterns and so many beautiful designs. You are always such a delight to visit and I always feel so uplifted and motivated after visiting you!

  13. WOW! Love the tea and cakes - they actually made my stomach growl. And what a lovely shop - looks like so much fun!

  14. Hi mel ,wow what a wonderful day you had,you got to catch up with good friends and got to shop in such beautiful shops,thankyou for sharing .xx

  15. Thank hand a great idea. Hope I get to use the info soon! Teeny bit jealous of your class opportunities, will be wonderful to see what you get up to.

  16. One day, I am coming for a visit. I am. I am. :-)

  17. Great idea and lovely pics of you, Christine and Helen. That café sounds and looks wonderful. I was lucky to have visited that shop in Fairfield last year with one of my patchwork groups. It was truly awesome with so many unique fabrics. Thanks for sharing.



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