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Monday, January 18, 2016

A Day in the Country with lovely Gail

A glorious summer day in the mid 20s with a clear blue sky and a very gentle breeze.  Set amongst green pastures sits a charming old hall.
On Saturday that hall was filled with chatting, laughing, eating, stitching ladies.  We were at a stitching day with lovely Gail Pan.

Of course there were naughty tables

and angelic, well behaved, hard working tables.
There were prizes to be won, many by people on our two tables
and lots of new designs on show, 

many of which are in Gail's new book 

Simply Christmas Book 4  - here's Gail autographing a copy for Annie and a copy for me.  
I love these books and now have all four - I've stitched so much from the first three and I'll be putting Book 4 to use throughout the year as I get ready for Christmas in July and then Christmas 2016.
I love these days with Gail, she is such a lovely and talented lady.  Many thanks to wonderful Annie who drove me there...and home again...and it certainly was wonderful to catch up with so many dear stitching friends.

I'm playing along with this fun event this year.  Don't think I'll make all the blocks, I'll try for about one a week.  I'm sure I'll learn so much.  Pop over and visit HERE to find out all about it.

How amazing is this quilt?
Made in Kona Cottons it is a free pattern from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Just follow this LINK to download the pattern.  It was designed for Robert Kaufman by Susan Kephart.  Huge thanks to all involved.

Hope your day is full of fun


  1. Looks like you had another wonderful stitching day.

  2. How lucky you are to spend the day with Gail and friends !!

  3. Lovely stuff Mel. Thanks for sharing. Lovely of Annie to take you there and back.

  4. Loving your new header! Sounds like a fun day with Gail and friends - naughty and nice!

  5. Hi Mel it certainly was a fun day.xx

  6. Looks like another wonderful day out, Mel.

  7. It WAS such a lovely day, Melody. So nice to be with like-minded people and nothing to do but stitch, chat, laugh and admire.

  8. Sounds like you had a good day out. Catching up with some friends too. How lucky

  9. Sew good to have such a fabulous day with your stitching friends....

  10. I so envy you all when you go to a Gail Pan event. Good to see such fun pics of the day and so pleased you were able to get there.

  11. what a lovely day to go out too.... I did have a giggle about the naughty table and the good table/??? not sure they weren't both naughty though???

    1. Wonderful photos Mel. So lovely to spend the day with you

  12. As always it looks like a wonderful day.

  13. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I've signed up for the Splendid Sampler too... that also sounds like fun!! Have a lovely week! Christine x

  14. Love your picture. Looks like y'all have sew much fun.

  15. What a fabulous day and the new book is a "must have".



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