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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My lovely friend, Michelle

Every year, a wonderful little Christmas decoration arrives at my place, sent by lovely Michelle.  This year it is the sweetest little stocking plus a lovely little booklet of Christmas Stitcheries.

Thank you so much, dear Michelle - a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

A few months ago Michelle had a beautiful quilt stolen.
It was very special, as it was made for her first book.  How terrible to have the original stolen, so a group of her blogging/Facebook friends have got together on-line to try to recreate it for her.  If you are interested in helping, you can read more HERE.
Not only did Michelle send me a present she also has a present for everyone.  A delightful free stitchery.  Please pop over to this POST ( December 1st) and you can download a copy.
Thank you once again to super talented and truly lovely Michelle.
Have a fabulous day


  1. Lucky me had a special delivery too. How lovely of Michelle to gift these to us.

  2. Michelle is such a sweet lady. I love he designs and was so sad when I heard what had happened to her lovely quilt. Enjoy your goodies.

  3. Really sad that someone would steal something she put her heart and soul into. The gifts she sent are lovely and thoughtful. Good luck to everyone who is working to remake the quilt. Happy holidays!

  4. Thank you so much Mel for your kind words. I hope it adds to your Christmas joy xxx

  5. What a beautiful decoration Melody! I am so sorry to hear of the loss of the quilt... what a thing to have happened and how sweet of you all to try and recreate a quilt for Michelle! Christine x



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