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Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Christmas failure

It is now official. I am a Christmas failure. I came LAST in the Scquilters Christmas Party quiz. 
However I did love my prize for coming last
 and so did Henry...so I gave it to him...a slightly demented spinning Santa. Thank you Helen and everyone else for a really fun day.

If you pop over to lovely Riley Blake Designs you will find two beautiful Christmas projects in one post.
So why not go HERE for all the information you need to make these fun projects.

Hope you are having fun getting ready for Christmas


  1. Love doing those quizzes and I can never get those answers right either. Having fun is the main thing.
    Henry looks very. Happy with the demented Santa.

  2. LOL that certainly was a freaky Santa. Great idea giving it to Henry.

  3. You might not have won, but you look fabulous with that crown of purple and green on your head!

  4. I tend to "win" the losing prize too! lol Gorgeous ornament link, thanks Mel :)

    1. Oh I can't believe you would come last Mel. You love xmas



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