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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

THE NOTYQ Quilt Show...

...is nearly here.  Please come on over to Eltham to support our quilting guild, see some beautiful quilts, help us raise funds for Banksia Palliative care, shop at the fabulous traders stalls- all 12 of them, and have fun fun fun.  There will also be devonshire teas and light snacks on offer prepared by our local community learning centre.
How brilliant is this knitting bag?
If you would like to make one please visit fabulous Ericka Eckles.  Here is the LINK to this project.  Many many thanks for sharing this wonderful project with us.


  1. Let ham is one of our old stomping grounds..... We lived in Lower Plenty, Montmorency & Greensborough for a number of years...... The 3 kids were all born in the area & the boys even went to Monty sth primary for a short time!
    Love the look of the bag........ Thanks Melody

  2. That would be such a great quilt show to go to. I love that knitting bag!!

  3. Good luck with the quilt show and I know it will be a great success.

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for mentioning my knitting bag, I'm glad you liked it. Even though I'm not a very confident or able knitter it makes me feel a little nit more "knittery" having it plopped down by the side of my chair (and it's even big enough to squidge the cat in!) xx

  5. I love the knitting bag. It may be moving to the top of my sewing/quilting project list!



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