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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Oh why oh why didn't I know about this podcast before now?
Just click HERE for Radiolab
I've become positively obsessed. The good side about not knowing about it before is that I've now got heaps of episodes to listen to.  I've been gardening during the day and reorganising some cupboards in the evening while listening, so sorry nothing stitching related to report today.
Some of my other favourite podcasts are
Podcasts are wonderful to listen to while doing any task where you don't have to really concentrate. If you don't already listen to them, give them a try - there is a whole wonderful world of listening experiences out there, just waiting for you.
And if you are a podcast devotee I'd be very grateful for any of your suggestions regarding others I haven't yet discovered.
I've been wanting to EPP some clamshells but didn't know how to tackle the curves so I was thrilled to find this post and brilliant detailed tutorial when I was over reading Amanda's fabulous blog, The Cosy Pumpkin.
Just follow this LINK for all her helpful advice and tips on English Paper Piecing Curves.  Huge thanks to Amanda for putting together such a brilliant blog.


  1. I remember podcasts being popular when they first started a few years ago but I have never really gotten into them. I think I need to give this one a try. I often just listen to the radio but sometimes that gets dull and repetitious! Thanks for the recommendation Mel!

  2. interesting. I have not heard of podcasts either.

  3. Hi Mel dont think i have ever listened to a podcast,i must check it out,xx

  4. mrHS is a big fan of podcasts, & you're right Melody there's so much interesting stuff to listen to... plus Richard Fidler has a great voice, doesn't he?!

  5. podcasts are great! mrHS is a fan of them for when he is outside doing Man Jobs... plus Richard Fidler has a wonderful voice, doesn't he?!



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