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Friday, September 25, 2015

NOTYQ Raffle Quilt Part 2

Here's a few more close ups of our wonderful raffle quilt.

Leanne's quilting adds so much to each lovely block.

This is the LINK to this fabulous free pattern.  You can find it at Mallory and Savannah's wonderful blog, Classy Clutter.  Thank you so much to you both for sharing it with us.
Hope you are having a fun day


  1. what a lovely quilt and the quilting is just right for it..

  2. I have seen these home made lunch bags on several sites. Do people wash them after each use? How do you keep the crumbs out of the Velcro? Are they attractive to ants and cockroaches? I use Tupperware containers and they are washed after use. (I have had some for more than 30 years.) Sometimes I use zip-closing plastic bags, but we wash them and re-use them too. I am happy with the hygiene levels. But I am a bit concerned that these fabric bags could be unhealthy. What are the practicalities if using them?

  3. Beautiful quilt! I'm sure who ever wins it will treasure it. I know I would!

  4. Beautiful fabric, design, quilting, just gorgeous!



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