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Friday, September 11, 2015

Melbourne in Spring...

...is the most wonderful place.  Clear blue skies, verdant pastures, and gardens bursting in bloom with bulbs and blossoms.  And it is sunny but not hot...I would be happy if the temperature never got higher than 25 degrees celsius.  

My garden is looking beautiful so I spent the morning out there just 'spuddling'.  When it was on the radio regularly, John and I listened to My Word.  I can't remember if it was Frank Muir or Dennis Norden who coined the word 'spuddling', which means messing around at an activity you love with no particular aim or outcome, but we often spuddle especially in the garden.

I know most families have family words that are used by their families only or in their own family context...a fascinating subject...I think it would make a brilliant area to explore and write about.

We had another brilliant adventure exploring the coast along Western Port Bay, with our darling Henry.  We visited a couple of fabulous adventure playgrounds and Henry set up shop, one of his favourite games, in the park at Flinders.

We were watching a hang glider from the edge of the cliffs and Henry was thrilled that the man called down to him to say 'hello'. John's back to work next week so it will be just me and Henry off on adventures on Thursdays and Fridays until John has some time off again in November.  

Tonight I'll be stitching along with Kaye and the kitties at Kitten Stitching as part of
I just adore this logo.

And then tomorrow, lucky me, I'm off to catch up with bloggy friends at Relax and Stitch.  I'll be working on Rotherfield Grays a quilt in this fabulous book 
by wonderful Di Ford.  I'll be doing a class with Di next week at Needles and Pins and then the following Wednesday at Sewn and Quilted.  I do like to grab every chance to have fun when my evil MS is not around...and at the moment I'm feeling good...Hooray!
I really enjoyed THIS POST from Heather at The Sewing Loft.  It explains how to decode selvage markings

and shares a link to over 25 projects using selvages.  Many thanks to Heather for sharing this with us.

Back in the garden for me
Hope you are having a lovely day too


  1. Hi Mel, its a gorgeous day and I have filled up the green bin with weeds but cant see where I have been. We are so lucky, gorgeous photos of Henry as usual. See you for stitching tomorrow xx

  2. Lovely times out and about with your guys Mel. Henry is such a cutie. Hope you enjiy your spuddling...love it x

  3. Spring does wonders for the soul doesn't it? I agree, nothing over 25' would be a perfect summer! Love that would spuddling. Beautiful photos of Henry, how lucky he is to have grandparents to take him adventuring! Enjoy your stitchy days :-)

  4. Wo! Busy bee you are! Lovely sunshine always brings out the best in us. Good to see you are enjoying yourself. Have fun.

  5. I think we are all enjoying seeing the sun again!!! Looks like you have a busy, but fun time planned ahead!

  6. Wow what lovely places you went with Henry and John the weather looks perfect,enjoy your workshops Mel xx

  7. What a perfect day for an outing. Have fun tomorrow Mel. Sorry I can't make it but footy grand finals don't happen everyday! I'll be doing the good mother thing and cheering Mitchell on.

  8. It looks like a perfect day. Our weather really has been kind over the past days.

  9. Lovely pics can't wait for our sunny days,Henry sure is a cutie,have fun with the girls today xx

  10. Rather jealous that you're heading into spring, while we're heading into the bleak days of the year, lol - you'll have to post lots of pics from your "spuddling" [love that word!]. Henry is just the cutest, I know you'll enjoy having lots of adventures with him. That was my favorite part of homeschooling, going on adventures with my boys, I got to enjoy everything I'd missed as a kid! I love Kaye's new logo too, I remember that episode!

  11. It is beautiful there in the Spring! Great photos and that Henry has the most gorgeous smile! He's such a cutie! Have fun at your classes and stitch-ins and so glad the MS is behaving. My RA is acting up a bit but that could be because I can't afford my meds right now. Are yours really expensive?



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