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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy Birthday, John

Yesterday was John's 60th Birthday.  
He absolutely refused to have any sort of celebration...and since he began saying it about three years ago...I listened...so it was a very quiet day.  He spent the day with me, Jack, Sammy and his great love, horses.  
We did however enjoy a little drop  of The Widow Maker...my favourite.

Such a lovely floss holder
Would you like to make one?  Well you can if you follow this LINK.  You will find a fabulous and detailed tutorial.  Many many thanks to Melissa at Cornbread and Beans for sharing this delightful and useful project with us.
Hope you have a super fun day


  1. Happy Birthday wishes to your John. I think you should be able to spend your birthday exactly as you choose to. Good on you all :-)

  2. Birthday wishes for a happy 60th to your John. Whatever makes him happy on this occasion.

  3. Happy Birthday John, What a lovely picture too. Thanks for the link.

  4. Say happy birthday to John for me, Mel. I really think you need to go out for a lovely Devonshire Tea!

  5. Happy Birthday to John for yesterday. LOvely family pic.

  6. Birthday wishes to John - quietly of course!

  7. Happy birthday to John. I can totally understand his desire for a fuss free birthday. Looks like the day was spent very happily.

  8. Very happy birthday to hubby and nothing better than spending it with just family.

  9. Happy Birthday to John... my Hubz also turned 60 this year..

  10. What a great picture of the 3 of you! Please wish John a happy birthday and if he doesn't know already.....the older you get the longer you get to celebrate! LOL! I also love horses and miss mine every day.
    I so need that floss keeper! I am going through the same mess as she described! LOL! Thank you!

  11. Happy belated birthday to you John, I hope you had a lovely day :) Barb.



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