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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Going to the Zoo

Melbourne has a marvellous zoo.  John and I took Henry today and had a wonderful time.  I felt I had a real connection with this little cutie.
Henry ran around having so much fun so it was hard to get pictures of him, he just didn't stay still for long enough. 
It was a day for babies too.  We saw both the new gorilla baby, well a toddler really (born March 15th) 
and the new little miniature hippo (born May 28th).
When I was young I didn't enjoy zoos because I felt many animals were kept in inhumane cages but these days Melbourne's zoos (all three of them) have wonderful enclosures which echo the vegetation and surrounds the animals would experience in the wild.  Here are the lemurs.
After our look around and a picnic at the zoo, we stopped by the newish playground near the Children's Hospital and Henry had another run around.  This is another great spot to visit if you have children and are visiting Melbourne. These pictures only show a fraction of the park...it is huge.

Needless to say Henry fell asleep at 7.00 tonight.  We'll be off on another adventure tomorrow.
I love this cute little sail boat log cabin block.
Just follow the link on this page of Renee's gorgeous blog, Sewn with Grace.
Hope you have had a great day


  1. Ehow cute is that baby gorilla (and Henry too)? I'm sure you're exhausted too.....looks like a big fun day out.

  2. Thanks for sharing your fun filled day with us... Always great to take the Grandies to the zoo.

  3. You must have worn Henry out to get him to sleep by 7pm! I bet you weren't far behind! LOL! Yes, our zoo is a great one.

  4. Looks like a lovely day out. Always nice to share time with our grandchildren. Hugs....



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